Jenelle Evans had the perfect wedding planned this weekend, as she got married to David Eason. She was excited to see how everything came together, as she had been planning her wedding for a while. She got her big white dress, she had her beautiful setup on her property, and David was sporting a nice white tuxedo jacket. Evans is now happily married and she's excited that they decided to go through with the celebrations. However, this "Teen Mom 2" star was not happy to learn that the paparazzi couldn't respect her decision to get married in peace.

On Twitter, she reveals that several tabloids reached out to get exclusive photos from her Wedding Day. But when she turned them down, they decided to use another method.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans has now found that the paparazzi hid out in the woods to get photos of her walking down the aisle. Of course, Evans decided to share pictures from her wedding day just hours after the party ended, but apparently, people wanted more. It sounds like she isn't happy about people trespassing on her property to gain photos of her walking down the aisle at her own wedding. Evans invited the people she wanted there and they showed up. No tabloids were invited.

Hid in the bushes

Based on the photos that are surfacing, the photographers were hiding out in the bushes.

Some of Jenelle Evans' followers may have thought that she would hire people to fake these photos for publicity, but Evans was actually rather upset about them being leaked. She wasn't happy that people would take pictures and then sell them for money.

When Jenelle Evans learned about the pictures, she decided to send a stern warning.

She doesn't want to see people on her property anymore and she doesn't care what it will take. They clearly trespassed and hid out in the woods to get a picture of her and she has all of the power.

Could pursue legal action

It sounds like Evans has two particular tabloids in mind. On Twitter, she tags two tabloids, claiming that they did everything possible to get an exclusive.

When she denied, they took matters into their own hands and decided to go after the photos themselves. They broke the law and they entered private property. Perhaps Jenelle will consider legal action. She does have the rights to fight back if they do trespass again.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweets about the photos? Are you surprised that people would go that far to get her photograph?