Things are about to become complicated on "The Young and the Restless" for Ashley Abbott. She believes she is getting the goods on Graham, and will soon remove him from her mother's life. Ms. Abbott has proof he was lying about both of his parents being dead and intends to gather enough evidence to convince Dina to believer her. The goal is to have her mother dump Mr. Bloodworth and cut him out of her will. Unfortunately for Ashley, her mother has confided in Graham a secret that she never wants to be revealed. If this information were made public, Ashley knows it may destroy her daughter Abby's life.

Dina swore her companion to secrecy, but Graham may resort to blackmail in order to keep Ashley out of his business.

The secret that could destroy Ashley and Abby

In a moment of weakness, Dina told Graham that John Abbott is not Ashley's biological father and insisted he never repeats it to anyone. Ashley has never gotten over finding out that Brent Davis is the man whose blood runs through her veins. Her mother did not admit the truth until she was an adult, and this has been a sore spot between the two women. Recently Abby began asking questions about why her grandparents broke up and was told it was because her grandma cheated her her grandfather. No one mentioned that Abby's mom is the result of that affair.

Abby has gone her entire life believing she is an Abbott. If she were to find out now that this is not true, it would be devastating. This would destroy her world as she knows it, and also her relationship with her mother and grandmother. Ashley is now doing to her daughter exactly what Dina did to her, which is allowing Abby to live a lie.

The fact that they are mentioning Brent Davis so much on "The Young and the Restless" is probably an indicator that the secret is about to be revealed pretty soon.

Graham may be the one to expose the truth

Earlier this week, Ashley called the senior living facility where Graham's mother is residing and confirmed she is a resident.

Jack later suggested they go there and pay her a visit. The two of them believe that if they give their mother proof positive that her companion lied about his parents being deceased, they can get him out of her life for good. A few weeks ago Ashley told her mom that the secret of her paternity can never be revealed but now Dina has told Mr. Bloodworth. It's not a stretch to believe he would use this information to get his Ms. Mergeron's children off his back.

Should Ashley and or Jack confront him about his mother who is living in Florida, Graham may bring up the paternity issue to keep them in line. Viewers know that one way or another, sooner or later Abby will find out the truth. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS.