Where we left Aaron in Season 1 of “Designated Survivor,” he was back at the White House but not as Chief of Staff. Instead, Tom Kirkman offered him a higher position. This is definitely a good move for Aaron but his new role could interfere with his personal life.

Season 1 recap

Aaron (Adan Canto) served as Chief of Staff at the beginning of Season 1. However, he chose to leave his post midway through the season when he became a suspect in the Capitol bombing. Although he cleared his name and came out innocent, he decided to resign anyway since he felt that his reputation had already been compromised.

He then worked for Kimble Hookstraten (Virginia Madsen) but his work reunited him with his colleagues at the White House. At the end of the season, a major reshuffling of staff happened at the White House. Kimble stepped down as Speaker of the House and became Secretary of Education. President Kirkman welcomed back Aaron but not to take back his old post, which Emily (Italia Ricci) took over after his resignation. Instead, he has a higher and much-deserved position at the White House.

Aaron’s new designation

In Season 2 of the “Designated Survivor,” Aaron is now the National Security Advisor. This means he gets to spend more time with the President of the United States at the White House because of his vital role.

"He's back, he's large and in charge," series creator Keith Eisner told TV Guide. This also means that actor Adan Canto gets more screen time. He will be in every episode of the new season. He will be involved in all the stories, according to Eisner.

The pros and cons as a National Security Advisor

As National Security Advisor, Aaron will be working more closely with the press.

This means he gets to spend more time with Seth (Kal Penn), the White House Press Secretary. It will be like old times again for the two when Aaron was the Chief of Staff. However, his private life may be at risk because of his work. As what Eisner said, his position could pave way for some personal stories to come out. The press could become invested in his life and trouble could arise if and when someone digs up his past as Chief of Staff, especially where it involves the Capitol bombing.

However, there is one personal story we are particularly interested in and that is his relationship with Emily. With him back at the White House, there may be a chance to rekindle things between them. Who knows, the sexual tension may heat up again in the “Designated Survivor” Season 2.