On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" the Abbot/Mergeron family addresses the elephant in the room. Dina was fed up with her children suspecting Graham of using her so she dealt with their questions head-on. She explained to Jack why Mr. Bloodworth is so dear to her and allowed Ashley to search her companion's room, confident nothing incriminating would be found. Ashley did find something of interest but as she was leaving the room Graham returned.

Ashley and Graham both get a big surprise

Dina told her son that Graham had a rough childhood and that both his parents were dead.

She said he was a Mergeron employee who prevented a hostile takeover of her company, and this is why she values him. Jack and Ashley discussed this along with information that Ravi uncovered. They see a pattern which leads them to believe that Mr. Bloodworh targeted their mother. Ashley tries to explain her concerns to Dina who becomes so frustrated she allows her daughter to investigate Graham's room.

Ashley takes her time because Mr. Bloodworth is in Paris. She eventually finds a letter indicating that his mother is alive and living in a senior center. She writes down some information, puts the letter back then opens the door. She is startled to find Graham standing on the other side, and he is equally surprised to see her in his private space.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Dina's companion will be shocked that she allowed her daughter into his room, and seek revenge.

Graham frames Dina for his misdeed

Ashley is going to have to pull a fast one, to explain why she leaving Mr. Bloodworth's room. Just like the Grinch, she must be sly and so slick and think of a lie and think it up quick.

Spoilers don't say how that turns out but do report that Graham is going to send photo's of Jack and Nikki to Victor, and frame Dina for it. Victor will believe that Ms. Mergeron is the one who has put his wife's unfaithfulness right in his face. One never knows how Victor Newman will respond to anything. He may be grateful that Dina brought this to his attention, or angry because he was trying not to think about the situation.

Ashley is going to get more information on Graham's mother, and most likely will present it to Dina. Ms. Mergeron may be more upset that her daughter continues going after her confidante than she is to find out he has been lying. It's time the true identity of and motives of Mr. Bloodworth are made known.Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS.