Madame Dina Mergeron recently returned to genoa city on the pretense of business. She sold her business to Neil and Devon and came to town to finalize things. By her side is a handsome younger man named Graham, and Dina has been vague about Graham's role in her life. Her children (Jack, Ashley, and Traci) all feel that there is more to their mother coming back to town than a business deal. Spoilers suggest that Dina is ill and has returned home to die.

Dina has a secret

On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Dina and Graham had dinner at the Abbott mansion.

In attendance were Dina's 3 children and granddaughter Abby. The meal was a success and everyone got along well. Madame Mergeron had a sad look and tears in her eyes each time she embraced one of her offspring.

On Thursday, the Abbott children were discussing how something appeared to have changed in terms of their mother's behavior. They are not sure, however, what seems to have changed. Dina has been vague and aloof, emphasizing the business deal. She has also allowed her family to assume Graham is her lover -- she has yet to confirm or deny this.

Ashley and Traci are determined to find out why their mom sold her company and came back to Genoa City. They want to break through the innuendo and mystery to find out what is really going on.

They now are wondering if Dina is ill and Graham is an assistant rather than a lover. Dina, however, is not revealing any more than she is ready to divulge.

The Abbott children are quite confused by this new turn of events. They are so used to hating Dina that it is not easy for them to admit she may have changed. Her more maternal instincts since returning to Genoa City have thrown everyone off.

Tracy, Jack, and Ashley are trying to be open-minded without completely letting their guard down.

Will she stay or will she go?

When Dina began hinting that she might stay a while in Genoa City Graham told her that she knew she could not remain in the city long. This raised eyebrows and caused fans to wonder why Madame Dina must leave town.

Could she have a terminal illness? Is the reason she sold her company and reconciled with her family because she is dying? Has she been given a time frame, and does she need to get out of town so her children will not see her die? This would explain her odd relationship with Graham, who seems more like a confidant than a lover.

"The Young and the Restless" is not giving any hints as of yet but in time viewers will know all. Meanwhile, it's fun to watch Abby get to know the grandma she never realized she had, all the while enjoying 3 generations of the Abbott family on screen once again. Dina may be pulling our collective leg, and may not be dying after all. Also, some say that Chloe is not really dead, so Dina may have something similar up her sleeve.