Synopses for “GothamSeason 4 reveal the series will highlight Bruce Wayne’s calling as a vigilante. The new season will also kick off with an explosion of adversaries. Fans of the series will also witness the return of some characters.

Premiere episode highlights

Fox has just revealed the Synopsis for the first episode of “Gotham” season 4. The new season will premiere with the continuation of the storyline of the previous season where the young Wayne tried stepping into his ultimate purpose to become Batman. Jim Gordon was also shown almost losing his sanity in the finale of season 3.

The premiere episode, titled “Pax Penguina,” will air on Sept. 21. It is set to feature the scheme of Oswald Cobblepot to keep his dominion on the criminal underworld of Gotham. In addition, fans of the series will witness the comeback of a big badass in the first episode.

The synopsis reveals that the premiere will show how Wayne will begin doing his job as a vigilante, which is the outcome of his battle with Ra’s Al Ghul. In addition, Penguin will launch his new business called Iceberg Lounge. However, the opening will not be pleasant because he will experience a rebound on his giving of consent to allow crime in Gotham.

Furthermore, fans of the series will also see that Gordon is anxious that Jonathan Crane (played by guest star Charlie Tahan) is alive and has returned to Gotham.

The former realized this when the iconic MO of The Scarecrow was utilized in a set of robberies.

Episode 2 synopsis teases the return of some characters

Fox has also released the synopsis for episode 2, titled “The Fear Reaper,” along with the description of the premiere episode. The series will continue the plot on the dreadful schemes of The Scarecrow.

Moreover, the next episode will feature a reunion of two characters in the series. Tabitha Galavan and Barbara Kean will meet again, although the latter was already shown to have been killed by her ex-beau. Also, with the return of Barbara, Tabitha and Selina will calculate the risks in accepting Barbara into their weapon company.

The synopsis reveals that Gordon will try to secure Crane. The former is pressured to justify that the GCPD is still unparalleled so he would do whatever it takes to bring in the latter. Gordon will be seen battling with lunatics and even the evil inside of him.

The “Gothamseason 4 premiere episode is set to air on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 8:00 p.m. on Fox. Episode 2 will air the following Thursday, Sept. 28.