“Game of Thrones” Season 7 came to an end, leaving fans with a long wait for Season 8, which might get delayed until 2019. Nevertheless, fans should not despair as there is no shortage of teasers and theories to help them pass the time. A major death is on the cards and it is being planned by Queen Cersei. Lena Headey spoke about an unforgiving Cersei in the next season. Also, a bittersweet reunion awaits Arya as she is expected to cross paths with The Hound.

Cersei is unforgiving of everybody, says Lena

Lena Headey recently shed light on her character Cersei’s state of mind at the end of Season 7.

She said that Cersei has no grudges when it comes to killing her enemies and Season 7 saw her coming Face To Face with her arch rival and contender to the Iron Throne- Daenerys Targaryen. Though she agreed to her armistice proposal after a tantrum, she revealed her true intentions only at the end to a shocked Jaime, propelling him to leave her for good. Sadly, he is in for some more shock.

According to Headey, Cersei might plot to kill Dany as she does not like her. Envy engulfed her as soon as she met her at the Dragonpit because the Mother of Dragons is not just younger but also more beautiful than her. She is clearly insecure of her rival and with Maggy’s prophecy predicting someone younger and prettier taking her place, it is clearly a sad state of affairs for Cersei.

Moreover, she is scared of losing control and when she feels so, she turns completely ruthless to everyone and hence, it should not surprise viewers if she decides to murder Dany.

Arya no longer harbors hard feelings for The Hound

However, it is not just malice that will underline Season 8, a bittersweet reunion is also in the offing for Arya who just reunited with Sansa and Bran at Winterfell in Season 7.

She is expected to meet her kidnapper, The Hound. Actress Maisie Williams recently said that Arya does not harbor hard feelings for The Hound as her Braavos experience has changed her a lot. Also, when she had met him earlier, she was quite young and immature but now she has grown up.

As fans may remember, Arya resented The Hound for killing Myca and she had left him to die in Season 4 despite his pleas for help.

However, Season 7 saw The Hound looking rather pleased after getting to know from Brienne that Arya is alive. Therefore, it would be pretty interesting to watch them come together once again when they come face to face in the next season.