Game of ThronesSeason 7 finale titled “The Dragon & the Wolf” aired yesterday across the globe for fans who had been waiting with bated breath to watch the fate of their beloved characters before the HBO series goes on a long break. They were also eager to see the fate of their self-propounded theories and as it turns out, the finale justified many of them. Nevertheless, the most satisfying of them was the death of Littlefinger in Winterfell at the hands of the three Stark children who finally avenged their family’s betrayal. The finale proved to be quite eventful and Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow feels that it is one of the best episodes of the series.

Sansa and Arya put an end to Littlefinger’s story

While the last two episodes of the current season in “Game of Thrones” had been hinting at trouble for the Stark family, there were many who believed that the Starks will survive this season. Arya and Sansa might have been seen turning against each other with Littlefinger playing his dirty game, it was tough to think that the sisters would get conned so easily. The lessons that they had learned in their separate journeys in all these years could not be so hollow and it turned out to be true when Sansa said to Littlefinger that she is a slow learner but she learns eventually. She also thanked him for all his lessons and passed the judgment on the evil Lord for his crimes before the whole council.

Arya executed him with his own Valyrian steel dragon that he had gifted to Bran, closing the chapter of the cunning Petyr Baelish for good.

Season 7 finale has a bit of everything and Kit Harrington loves it

While season 7 finale brought forth the death of a major character, it also brought Jon Snow to the center of the game by revealing his parentage and letting him consummate his relationship with Daenerys.

The finale has been a major point in this season for him and actor Kit Harrington who plays Jon has said that it is one of the best episodes of the series as it not just fits with the season but also the series in general.

Harrington admitted that he loved the last episode of 'GOT' season 7 and the meeting of all the characters at the dragon pit was the highlight for him as it brought together all of them to face each other for the first time.

However, his favorite moment was the one that he and Theon shared in the Dragonstone throne room as he had developed a personal liking for Theon’s journey in the current season and he loved what Theon decided to go ahead.