Over the last two seasons, viewers have fallen in love with the pair as they flip distressed and badly neglected homes in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. "Good Bones" recently wrapped up Season 2, and HGTV announced that the show was renewed for a third season. Mina and Karen have the unique type of vision it takes to bring out the hidden charms of every home they rehab, and there are 13 new episodes scheduled to air in 2018.

This mother-daughter duo know their stuff when it comes to house transformations

HGTV Senior Vice President John Feld remarked that their impressive home renovation skills, along with their growing popularity, are only a couple of the reasons why this popular series will be going strong for another season.

Karen and Mina's fan base is rapidly expanding, their fresh and funny take on what they do is definitely a recipe for success. Of all the current home renovation and flipping shows, watching this mother and daughter team work their magic while having a lot of fun is engaging and highly entertaining to watch.

Since the season finale, Mina and Karen haven't been content to rest on their house renovation laurels, so to speak. Taking a short break from shooting Season 3, they just filmed an appearance on Rachel Ray, which according to a short video clip Mina posted to her Instagram account, should air at the end of September.

'Good Bones' continues to be a family affair

Both Mina and Karen have made it obvious that family is important to them, and Mina hinted that more of the family would make appearances on the show when it returns next year. A photo she posted to Instagram reveals that they may be renovating a home for one of her brothers and his family.

Mina and Thad, another brother who usually handles the demolition aspects of the home renovations, also love to play pranks on each other, and another video clip posted by Mina shows him jumping out and scaring her while filming the new season. Her caption read, "The student has surpassed the teacher." Thad posted his own remark, stating that he "got her so good!"

There's no telling what shenanigans this fun-loving family will come up with for the new season of "Good Bones." Are you a fan of the show or just enjoy house flipping shows in general?

Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. For those who haven't seen "Good Bones" and would like to check it out, there are several ways to catch up. Episodes are available online on HGTV's "Good Bones" page, via the On Demand feature, or check local listings for Season 2 episodes that are currently running.