Viewers who enjoy the "Flip of Flop" franchise of shows will get to know Ken and Anita Corsini over the course of their new, 13-episode series "Flip or Flop Atlanta." Ken is a licensed contractor, and while the couple handles the real estate part of their business together, Anita is responsible for all the design aspects. The couple are passionate about what they do, flipping over 100 homes a year in the Atlanta area.

The couple transforms neglected and rundown properties into charming southern homes

Flippers are transforming homes and in turn, revitalizing neighborhoods all across the country.

The Corsini's are doing their part with every home renovation as they use their talent and expertise to purchase, remodel, and flip homes in record time before moving on to the next. The couple believe that some of the nicest neighborhoods anywhere are located in Atlanta and they always take pride in improving the beauty with each and every home they renovate.

The premiere episode will give viewers an idea of the Ken and Anita's vision for each home they renovate

During the first episode titled "Big Money in Buckhead," the Corsini's take on a 70s style, split-level home. This eyesore is more expensive than their usual renovations, but there is the potential for a large profit since the home sits in the prestigious Buckhead neighborhood.

The Corsini's often find that homes in the South are subject to specific problems such as decay from mold and moisture problems. There is a lot of damage that must be repaired, but the couple will undoubtedly bring all their home-flipping skills into play. They plan to incorporate a new floor plan and stunning design elements into the home that will attract potential home buyers.

Ken stated that he believes that little details can be the most important and can often help bring the biggest profit. The Corsini's also like to go big, with high-end fixtures that appeal to most buyers.

Fans know that the home renovation craze began with home-flipping gurus Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Next came "Flip or Flop Vegas" featuring Bristol and Aubrey Marunde, followed by the Ken and Anita Corsini. The series will eventually head to three more cities: Nashville, Texas, and Chicago. High Noon Entertainment, the same company that produces "Fixer Upper" featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines, is producing all the shows.

Are you a fan of the franchise? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The series debuts on Thursday, July 20 at 9 p.m. ET on the HGTV Channel.