The mid Season Finale of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and Have Nots airs Tuesday night on OWN. This final episode promises to be explosive based on previews. All the drama, as usual, hinges around one character and she is Candace Young. Through every season of HAHN, this young woman has continued to scheme and scam her way through life without remorse. Now after the death of her son, she is taking her vengeance out on her mother and brother.

Candace never takes responsibility

In last weeks episode, Candace showed up at the funeral home where Hannah and Benny were planning the services for little Q.

She immediately began shouting and complaining and telling the funeral director that she is now in charge. Candace accused her mother of letting her son die to save herself. Her brother stepped in saying that he saw it all go down and their mom actually risked her life for her grandson. Not to be deterred, Ms. Young flipped the script telling her sibling that he was a user, always calling her for help and sharing his pipe dreams.

Benny responded that he never asked his sister to become a prostitute in order to help him. They are shouting at the top of their lungs and each says they are sick of the other. This harsh exchange in a public place only stops when Candace insists she wants her son buried in a blue casket.

She yanks the lid off of the coffin her mother had chosen and realizes that her child is inside. Candace is in a state of shock and falls to the floor sobbing uncontrollably.

The season finale will be explosive

Previews of the season finale of "The Haves and the Have Nots" indicate that the show won't miss a beat. Mother and daughter are screaming at each in the funeral home when Hannah mentions God.

Candace gets right in her mom's face and says in a very hateful manner that she does not want her God. So it seems that this season also will end with no reconciliation for the Young family in any situation. Hannah and Benny's home was burned down because War was angry that Candy Cane cheated him out of a lot of money. and the two houses and the tow yard that Candace purchased with blackmail money were repossessed by the bank.

The hotel room where Hannah was staying was shot up when War killed little Q. Benny and his mother have nowhere to go and only have transportation because of Katherine Cryer. Her family is homeless and her son is dead yet Candace Young does not change her ways. Previews for Tuesday night's episode also show Jim Cryer and Ms. Young trying to hook up and scam each other again. This woman does not miss a beat so stay tuned and watch the explosive season finale of "The Haves and the Have Nots."