This week on "General Hospital," the old adage of being careful what you wish for may ring true for Franco. According to spoilers, his quest for answers will take him in a terrifying direction. Neither Scott nor Heather would give their son the information he needs, but Betsy Frank says she will. On Friday his adoptive mother told him there were indeed twins in his childhood, but he himself was not one of them. This is the first clue regarding the little boy in the photo who looks like Jason. Spoiler alerts also indicate that Andre is somehow mixed up in this mystery and that it may affect the relationship the artist has with Liz.

Franco's past comes front and center

Everything Franco believed about his childhood is coming into question. Betsy raised him and later he was told that he was Jason Morgan's brother. Eventually, he found out that his biological parents were Scott Baldwin and Heather Weber. The strangest thing about this situation is that Franco has no memory of the little boy who looks like Jason. He has believed for years that he had an imaginary friend. Now it seems there was a real boy and Betsy has to fill in the blanks for the young man she raised as 'Bobby."

Spoiler alerts don't say how Andre comes into play, only that he will know some people who are a part of Franco's saga. So now, in addition to the storyline of the two Jasons, Franco is attempting to figure out his life as well.

Last week, "General Hospital" viewers saw Betsy talking to someone on the phone, telling them to do what they wanted to. Obviously, there is an unknown individual who does not want her "Bobby" to figure out what is going on. When everything hits, the past will be front and center, and not everyone is going to be able to handle it.

The role of Liz in this situation

Betsy Frank was frantic when she found out that Franco was living with Liz, who is the mother of one of Jason's children. She was acting as if this put her adopted son in some type of extreme danger. Each time she said Jason's name, she had a look of extreme fear in her voice. Liz has vowed to stick by her man no matter what but spoilers suggest this quest for the truth and search for answers may put a strain on the relationship.

Whatever the connection for Betsy, Franco, Andre, Liz and the two Jasons, this nine-month storyline promises to be intriguing. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC. Keep reading spoiler alerts to stay up to date on what is going to happen next in Port Charles.