Ben Weston, also known as the "Necktie Killer", is back in Salem and he has some unfinished business to settle. Robert Scott Wilson is reprising his role, on 'Days Of Our Lives,' as the psychotic character. The timing of Ben's return to Salem coincides with the upcoming nuptials of, his ex-fiancée, Abigail and nemesis Chad DiMera. Will the couple make it to the altar a second time, or does Ben have other plans?


The last time we saw Ben, he had escaped prison and was haunting the fragile mind of his ex-fiancée, Abby. Chad and Abby's brother, J.J., increased security at the DiMera mansion but weren't convinced that his appearance wasn't a figment of Abby's fragile mental state, since the fire at the cabin and the kidnapping of her son.

No one else had seen him on the grounds despite Abby's increasing insistence that she had seen him looking into the windows from outside. It was unclear whether it was an illusion or if Ben was really back.

Unaware Colin was not his son but rather Chad's, Ben was desperate to restore the life and family he perceived Chad threatened to take away. Before being hauled off to prison and discovered as the "Necktie Killer", he kidnapped Abby and held her hostage inside a remote cabin. He wanted Chad to believe Abby had chosen Ben and had left town with him to begin their new life.

After Abby gave birth to Colin prematurely, Ben returned to town to get supplies for her and the baby. He had grown increasingly angry that Abby had betrayed him with Chad and continued to see him despite his wishes.

When Chad discovered their hiding place, Ben tied Abby and Chad to the bedpost, lit the bed on fire, and took Colin from the cabin. Abby and Chad managed to escape the fire but not without impact to Abby's state of mind.


Months later, when Abby came face to face with Ben in the DiMera mansion bedroom she shared with Chad, Abby feared for her son Thomas' life (named after her great grandfather Tom Horton).

Abby felt the only way she could placate him was to pretend she still loved him and that his dream of being a family was still possible. After tricking him onto the bed and pretending she wanted to sleep with him, Abby tied Ben to the bedpost and lit the bed on fire, the same way he had done to her and Chad at the cabin. Chad came home to find Abby in a fragile, psychotic state induced by Ben's reign of terror.

Ben, alive but badly burned, was taken away in a stretcher. Robert Scott Wilson and Ben Weston return to Salem on September 25.