"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham shocked many of her fans a couple of years back when she decided to release her very on adult video. Farrah's fans and even her MTV co-stars were stunned by the shocking tape, and the reality star has taken heat for the decision ever since. However, that hasn't stopped the single mom from continuing to work in, and promote, the adult entertainment business.

Farrah's mom reacts to her webcam show

In fact, Farrah Abraham recently landed a new gig working with an adult webcam site, where she is being paid to put on solo shows for anyone willing to pay to watch them.

Farrah is said to be getting a big cut of the site's profit for the webcam shows, and her first was last week, where hundreds of people tuned in to see the "Teen Mom OG" star engage in very explicit sex acts in front of the camera as viewers watched. Now, Farrah's mother, Debra Danielson, is speaking out on her daughter's latest gig.

The pair have a strained relationship

Debra, who has a very strained relationship with Farrah Abraham, says that she was completely shocked upon hearing about her daughter's latest career choice. Danielson said she had "no clue" that the "Teen Mom OG" star was working with the adult webcam site and that she's "speechless" over the news. Deb went on to say that she believed that Farrah had been trying to change her image and doing "professional things." However, it appears that Farrah's objective is to be known as a reality star, and now an adult entertainer due to her latest career move.

Family is important to Deb

Meanwhile, Debra Danielson says that her ultimate goal is to be close with her family and to have them in her life. Deb, who is currently preparing to marry her fiance David, says that she and Farrah Abraham went months without talking, but that the pair reconciled to celebrate the 80th birthday of the "Teen Mom OG" star's grandmother.

Sadly, things are still not great between the mother and daughter.

Wedding blues

Debra recently revealed that Farrah and her daughter Sophia would not be attending her November wedding to David. As many "Teen Mom OG" viewers know, Farrah and David do not get along, and in the previous season of the MTV reality series, the pair got into a blow out fight while vacationing together.

Danielson admitted she was hurt by Farrah's choice not to attend the wedding, and revealed that if Farrah were to get married to someone she didn't care for, she would still be there "front and center" to support her daughter and her new marriage.