On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," Nelle Hayes was revealed as having a secret from her past that she obviously didn’t want anyone to know. Felicia managed to dig that secret up and then passed the info to Bobbie. While rumors said that she could possibly have had a secret boyfriend or something similar, it turns out that it was much worse than that. Felicia found out that Nelle killed someone.

Is Nelle really a killer?

Nelle came into town to get revenge on Carly Corinthos. It almost worked, but not quite. Now Ms. Hayes has turned her life around and is being romanced by Carly's eldest son, Michael.

His mother is not happy with it, but she is ready to let Michael choose who he wants to be with, even if it is someone she hates. But what will he do when he learns that his girl may have murdered someone?

It was revealed that Nelle did indeed kill another person and it is all about to come out. Carly will be more than happy to share the news with her son hoping that he will drop Nelle like a hot potato, but there could be more to her story than meets the eye. There could be a different version to tell.

What will Michael say?

Carly would be thrilled to finally break up Nelle and Michael.

She hates the fact that they are together. Michael, on the other hand, is more forgiving and gives people the benefit of the doubt before he jumps to conclusions. He will most likely give Nelle a chance to explain. Maybe she was just defending herself. Unfortunately, he may be put in a position to decide what to do about their situation.

Is Nelle a jewel thief?

In the "General Hospital" preview for Wednesday, Nelle is seen wearing an expensive sapphire necklace. Dillon asked her how it feels to have that around her neck. Is this a hint that Nelle used to steal jewelry? Maybe a theft went wrong and she ended up killing someone accidentally. Or she could have always been framed as well.

What will Bobbie do with the information?

Bobbie Spencer has wanted Nelle Hayes out of Port Charles for a long time, maybe even more than Carly. She hates what Nelle did to her daughter and has been out to make sure she doesn't hurt her family anymore. The previews had Bobbie looking quite surprised by what Felicia told her.

While she is likely to go running directly to Carly with it, she may form her own plan to run Nelle out of town for good. This would be an opportunity for Bobbie to blackmail Nelle. Having a possible murder charge over her head could be just the thing to put a flame under Nelle to make her leave her new life with Michael.

Do you think Nelle is really a killer? Are you a fan of her and Michael together? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out how Bobbie will handle the situation.