Spoiler alerts have been announcing the return of Steve Burton to "General Hospital" for quite some time. Fans are elated to have him back, in Port Charles. What has not been addressed, however, is the fate of the Jason Morgan who is currently being portrayed by Billy Miller. No one has seen his face in weeks and nothing concrete has been said regarding Miller's status on the show.

Miller's fate is a closely guarded secret

The fate of Billy Miller is a secret that is closely guarded. He signed a one-year contract in October 2016, but there has been no news as to whether "General Hospital" will renew it or not.

Spoilers have announced that Steve Burton will return to Port Charles on Tuesday and that Franco will be the first to see him. This would seem to indicate that Burton will not be the face of Jason should he emerge from his coma.

The most likely scenario is that Steve Burton will end up being Jason's twin, and he was the little boy Franco played with as a child. This would explain the photo and also Betsy Frank's reaction. She came to Port Charles for "Bobby's" art show and on Monday and her adopted son asked her about the little boy in the photo. She asked him to come to her hotel room so she could give him the answers he needs, but when Franco arrived his mother had checked out.

Billy Miller fans deserve truthful answers

If Jason were to wake up from his comatose state, with Burton's face, this would not answer Franco's questions about the child in the photo. It would, however, explain why Billy Miller has not been seen since his character was hospitalized. Fans are wondering if keeping Jason's face hidden is related to the plot or a distraction to steer viewers in a wrong direction.

There is something about this plot that has not yet been revealed so viewers need to pay close attention to detail Because Billy Miller continues to be MIA, without an explanation, it causes intrigue regarding the return of Steve Burton. Viewers should keep in mind that Frank Valentini said this storyline would take about 9 months to play out.

This does not indicate that eagle-eyed fans will not figure out whats going on much sooner.

Make sure to watch "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 2:00 p.m. And continue reading spoiler alerts to find out in advance what your favorite characters are up to.The fun of deconstructing the clues to the identity of Steve Burton's character is about to begin.