Reality TV mogul Barbara Corcoran will grace the "Dancing With the Stars" stage in season 25. Keo Motsepe and the "Shark Tank" celebrity form the team of #Sharkeo and will perform starting Sept. 18, 2017. It probably doesn't surprise you that the slender ABC star can cut a rug. But her weight loss secrets will shock you. Shark Lady shared how she stays swimmingly thin.

'Shark Tank' star takes bite out of obesity with mouth closed

As with everything else, Barbara Corcoran has a recipe for success in weight loss. The "Shark Tank" creator has honed her eating habits to be razor sharp.

She opened up on the secret to staying thin, by keeping her mouth shut. Literally, the DWTS debutante bites down on pesky weight gain by clamping down on junk food. The "Dancing With the Stars" billionaire may not look like a candidate for obesity, but that's because she keeps a tight rein on eating.

'DWTS' real estate mogul slams door on junk food

A huge problem faced by reality television stars of "My 600-lb Life" is food craving. Barbara Corcoran is no stranger to cravings, despite her compact physique. The difference is how the "Dancing With the Stars" celeb handles them. Where the morbidly obese give in, the "Shark Tank" originator shuts down. Where Steven Assanti demands pizza even while awaiting bariatric surgery, Barbara refuses to keep junk food around.

Consequently, the 850-lb man faces gastric bypass surgery while Corcoran can dance all night.

'DWTS' ain't no "Shark Tank"

Along with rigid food control, Barbara Corcoran uses a startlingly weird type of aversion therapy to curb hunger. Whenever she craves the Ben & Jerry's the celebrity of reality TV reaches for wasabi peas and noshes on these until the bitter, fiery snacks make her sick.

This hardcore diet trick kills off any desire to overeat and keeps weight problems at bay. So that may work on the sedentary "Shark Tank" but how about in the crazy-high energy environment of "Dancing With the Stars?"

'Dancing With the Stars' requires big carbs

Obviously all that jazz (Latin, swing, Samba) is going to burn more calories than "Shark Tank." Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps boasted that he ate 12,000 calories a day--including gobs of junk food--while training for the Olympics.

Athletes need more carbs before a big event. Even just a hectic performance schedule has caused Celebrities like Oprah to ditch the diet. With the ruthless "DWTS" routines, will Barbara Corcoran have to rethink her restrictive eating habits?