Farrah Abraham has been on "Teen Mom OG" for years, and one thing is for certain: Farrah doesn't change her ways easily. Even though she's personally growing every year she's on the show, she's not exactly thrilled about her mother, her relationship with Simon Saran, and even her father. It sounds like Farrah always has her frustrations as she often feels alone in the world. Over the past couple of months, Farrah has been slammed by fans watching "Teen Mom OG" because she's very rude to her mother. While Abraham tries to be cordial with her mother and open with her fans, it sounds like people have nothing nice to say.

According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham is still dealing with mean comments and mean-spirited followers. Over the weekend, Farrah shared a post of herself with no makeup and her fans freaked out. While some people told her that she was indeed beautiful without makeup, others felt that nothing had changed about her. They still felt that she was a rude person and a set a bad example for her daughter.

MTV star shouldn't be glamorized

Several followers pointed out that Abraham shouldn't be glamorized for her actions, her success, and even her behavior. Farrah has been very open about her life, so people have plenty of things to judge her on. One of the main concerns is her daughter, with whom she spends a lot of time with.

Her daughter sees her as a role model, but one person pointed out something interesting.

"Wrong! She's not supposed to be a role model. TEENS ARENT SUPPOSE TO BE MOMS! That's the point of the show to show you how you ruin your life forever," the person wrote on Farrah's post.

It sounds like "Teen Mom OG" hasn't been a great inspiration for younger people, despite these women who make money from MTV.

Concerns for Sophia

Ever since Farrah filmed her adult tape and sold it for millions, fans have been concerned about Sophia. Many believe that she's being raised with a bad role model and that she needs to find someone else to look up to. Of course, many of the "Teen Mom OG" stars revealed they didn't want to film the show if Abraham was filming with them.

They felt her decisions were reflecting badly on them, and they didn't want to be associated with her. However, they are all filming the show these days, and one can imagine they are filming the upcoming season at the moment.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham receiving so much attention from a single photo? Are you surprised that she's being slammed as a role model?