From Iris to Overwatch, Caitlin Snow to Killer Frost, the women of “The Flash” are ready for the team up Central City deserves. The creative minds behind CW’s superhero juggernauts have peppered the Arrowverse with a host of strong female characters that are perfectly capable of saving the day all on their own. They don’t often get a chance to play off each other, however, and that’s an oversight Season 4 will move to fix.

A 'Girls Night Out' Goes Sideways on 'The Flash'

If the title for Episode 5 tells you one thing, it tells you everything. “Girls Night Out” previews an excursion for “The Flash” crew as an “Arrow” favorite comes over the play.

“It’s really fun. The girls [including a visiting Felicity Smoak] go and have a night out in Central City alone, without the guys. And they get into some trouble,” executive producer Todd Helbing told TV Line.

So what vespertine outing will bring together these heroic mainstays? Season 4 might finally give WestAllen ’shippers the wedding they’ve been waiting for, but before Iris (Candice Patton) slips into that white dress, she gets to let loose. There’s a “possibility,” according to Helbing, that Episode 5 will play host to a bachelorette party. Assuming, of course, that the engagement is still on once Team Flash fishes Barry (Grant Gustin) out of the Speed Force.

Whatever the reason for the meeting of the minds, the arrival of newbie Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) will turn the evening upside down.

Known as Blacksmith, Amunet will head up a supervillain black market with a host of meathumans at her beck and call. When the boss comes out to play, Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) might as well.

New photos from the set show Caitlin Snow’s alter ego back in action, standing her ground under a darkened overpass (see photo below).

Even as the white-blond locks come out, promos for fall premiere tease the return of STAR Labs’ resident physician. Who is Frost fighting? Can Caitlin control her powers? Panabaker and the powers that be are keeping those answers close to the vest.

“Fans who like Caitlin Snow won’t be disappointed,” the actress teased at San Diego Comic-Con, according to Showbiz Junkies.

“Fans who like Killer Frost won’t be disappointed.”

Meanwhile, a new villain will have Barry Allen running in mental circles.

Next Time on ‘The Flash’

Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Iris, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and the STAR Labs team will jump back into action in “The Flash Reborn.” After holding down the fort for six months without the Scarlet Speedster, the Central City brain trust will use the premiere spring the series’ titular hero from his Speed Force prison. Once they do, however, a new big bad will pop up on their radar.

“We’ve had a speedster villain for the last three years, so we really want to do something different,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased in a new featurette. “This year, the Flash and his team will be up against The Thinker. We’re positing it as the world’s fastest man versus the world’s fastest mind.”

The Flash” will return to The CW on Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET.