"Teen Mom OG" fans may remember Farrah Abraham's sister, Ashley. Ashley appeared in multiple episodes of the MTV reality TV series at the beginning but has not been seen by viewers in years. Fans have often wondered what happened to Ashley Danielson, and if she still has contact with Farrah or their mother, Debra.

Ashley Danielson opens up about her relationship with sister Farrah Abraham

Ashley Danielson recently opened up in a brand new interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup about her relationship, or lack there of, with her sister Farrah Abraham.

Danielson says that she and the "Teen Mom OG" star have had very little contact with one another in the past four years. Ashley revealed that the breakdown of their relationship all started when Farrah was arrested for a DUI on St. Patrick's Day 2013.

Farrah blames Ashley for being arrested

Abraham blamed her older sister for being arrested saying that she was out with her sister and decided to be the designated driver so that Ashley got home safely. Farrah says by 10 p.m. she wanted to leave, but Ashley refused to go. So, Farrah began to sip a drink to pass the time. She was later busted for getting behind the wheel after sipping that drink and charged with a DUI.

St. Patrick's Day 2013 changed everything

Now, Ashley Danielson is saying that it's a "rare" occasion that she actually sees or speaks with Farrah. Ashley says that part of the reason for the estrangement is due to that St. Patrick's Day night back in 2013, and the rest is simply the fact that the two sisters lead busy lives.

Ashley claims that she's busy with work, children, school, and more and that sometimes "life just gets in the way."

Ashley is still close with mother Debra

Since "Teen Mom OG" fans last saw Ashley Danielson she's given birth to two children, daughter Sylvia in 2012 and son Axl in 2015. Ashley says that she's heartbroken over the fact that her children have no relationship with Farrah, or their cousin, Sophia.

Danielson also claims she misses her niece, and that she doesn't get to spend any time with Sophia at all. However, Ashley is still close to her mother, Debra, who is often seen on the MTV reality series. Ashley even speaks to her former step-father, Michael, every now and then, saying that like her relationship with Farrah, life is sometimes too busy to keep in touch.

Farrah's sister refused to appear on TV with her and Debra

Ashley reveals that she was asked to participate in WEtv's "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition" with Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielson, but declined, revealing she has no interest in being on reality television any longer. Ashley Danielson says she's come to value her privacy and doesn't want to jeopardize that for Farrah Abraham, "Teen Mom OG," or anything else.