It’s a double tragedy for Eric Bolling. Fox News Channel sacked him after an alleged harassment, but before he could come to terms with it, his son died. The former host confirmed on Twitter that his son, Eric Chase Bolling, died this past Friday. He was only 19 years old. He was found dead in Boulder where he was pursuing economics at the University of Colorado Boulder. The police said the cause of his death was unknown and is still under investigation.

It was rumored that he committed suicide

Initially, some reports claimed that the teenager committed suicide but his father, Eric Bolling, claimed that was untrue as the authorities said there was no sign of self-harm to his body.

He also added in the tweet that an autopsy would be out in about a week's time and requested space for his grieving family.

According to Hollywood gossip, Eric Chase was the only child of Eric and his wife Adrienne and they were very close. Bolling was apparently a great parent.

On Saturday, Fox News Channel said in a statement that they were saddened to hear the tragic news about Eric Chase’s death. They described him as an excellent young man and sent their condolences to Eric’s family. According to Hollywood Gossip, after it was alleged that Chase committed suicide, other reports indicated that the 19-year-old died of an accidental drug overdose. The source mentioned that the late University student was “upset” after what happened between his father and his employer, Fox News and he felt embarrassed by the whole controversy.

Charles Payne was reinstated as Eric Bolling was sacked

54-year-old Eric Bolling was suspended by Fox News early August after Huff Post published a story detailing harassment allegations. It was reported that he had sent photos of his genitalia to his female workmates. The network announced that they had cut ties with the former host who was a host of the 'Specialists' after investigating the claims.

They thanked the host for serving their loyal viewers for ten years and wished him all the best. Fox News also reported that they were reinstating Charles Payne, who had also been suspended by the network following alleged sexual misconduct.

According to Variety, Bolling was a former “commodities trader and best selling author.” He helped launch “The Fox News Specialists” and anchored “Cashin’ In.” He started as a co-host of “The Five.” After Huff Post published the story that accused him of sexual misconduct, he denied the allegations and filed a $50 million lawsuit against the reporter who published the story.

Friends and fans of Eric Bolling have sent their condolences to his family.