Over the last year, Fox News has been forced to deal with a growing list of scandals involving some of their big name talent. The most recent name to end up in the headlines has been host Eric Bolling, who finally decided to break his silence on the issue at hand.

Bolling speaks

It's no secret that there has been trouble behind the scenes at the Fox News Channel. Over the last year, the network has done their best to recover from the sexual harassment scandal that brought down former CEO and founder Roger Ailes who passed away earlier this year. Right as the network felt that they were starting to turn the corner, a bombshell report broke that revealed long-time host Bill O'Reilly had been privately paying off women to keep quiet about allegations of his own alleged sexual harassment.

The backlash came down so hard on O'Reilly that Fox News was forced to pull the plug and fire one of their most popular names over the last two decades. In the aftermath of the O'Reilly debacle, co-host of "The Specialists," Eric Bolling, was the subject of a Huffington Post article over the weekend that claimed the Fox News personality had sent unsolicited sexual photos of himself to female co-workers. After days of remaining quiet, Bolling made the decision to comment for the first time during a August 7 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Monday morning was Eric Bolling who decided that he was going to speak out for the first time since the aforementioned article accused him of sending lewd photos.

"Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you," Bolling tweeted. Concluding his message, Bolling appeared to dismiss the allegations against him, tweeting, "I look forward to clearing my name asap."

The Huffington Post report claimed that Eric Bolling sent pictures of his genitalia to at least three female co-workers at the network.

In addition, the article cited 12 separate sources to back up the allegations against the Fox News host. Former network contributor Caroline Heldman was one of the women who opened up and accused Bolling of trying to fly her out to New York in an attempt to have "fun" with him.

Next up

As of press time, Fox News has temporarily suspended Eric Bolling due to the contents in the Huffington Post report, and it's unknown when or if the host will return to the network. With Bolling being the latest network host to come under-fire for a sex-related scandal, only time will tell if yet another major name is to follow.