Many fans are now excited for the upcoming premiere of the “Designated Survivor” season 2. The popular ABC series is set to return to the small screen this fall.

Spoilers suggest that President Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) is welcoming a newbie as hinted in the first teaser photos from the second installment. The nation’s Commander-in-Chief is also expected to continue rebuilding the Capitol and bring down the terrorists responsible for the bombing on the statehouse.

What to expect in the upcoming installment

President Tom Kirkman will continue working with his team on “Designated Survivor” season 2.

Along with FBI agent Hannah Wells (Maggie Q), (speechwriter Seth Wright (Kal Penn), former right-hand man Aaron Shore ( Adan Canto), chief-of-staff Emily Rhodes (Italia Ricci) and Secret Service Agent Mike Ritter (LaMonica Garrett), President Kirkman is set to welcome the newest addition to the team, Lyor Boone (Paulo Constanzo).

Emily Rhodes will introduce Lyor Boone to the team as White House’s new Political Director. However, based on the most recent teaser photos from the second season, the young blood will have a hard time convincing President Kirkman, Seth Wright, and Aaron Shore that he is fit for the job.

Spoilers also suggest that intense scenes are to be expected in the premiere episode of “Designated Survivor” season 2 as the president and his team have to deal with a hostage crisis after a Russian Air flight was hijacked by some Ukrainian nationalists.

It remains to be seen if President Tom Kirkman would be able to handle this new crisis.

Former ‘Parenthood’ star returns in the second installment

Meanwhile, International Business Times Australia reported that actress Bonnie Bedelia is reprising her role as Eva Booker in the second installment of the “Designated Survivor” series.

For starters, Eva is actually the mother-in-law of President Tom Kirkman, and she has been a widow for 20 years now.

Open about being a fan of the nation’s Commander-in-Chief, Eva Booker is also very devoted to her daughter Alex Kirkman (Natascha McElhone) and her grandchildren. She previously worked at the Department of Defense as a secretary for a contracting officer.

Apart from Bonnie Bedelia, other stars who are expected to appear on the second season of“Designated Survivor” include Ben Lawson, Zoe McLellan, and Paul Constanzo. Television producer Keith Eisner will also take over as the new showrunner of the popular ABC series.

Designated Survivor” season 2 is expected to start airing on September 27 on ABC. Stay tuned for more spoilers, news, and updates!