Serena Williams has got it all in life: a career and legacy in the sport of professional tennis, the celebrity star power that has risen from that, along with a strong and happy relationship with her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. The only thing that could top all this would be the beginning of a family, which was granted with the (unintended) announcement of her pregnancy last April. This was notable considering that it meant she was already in the early stages when she played at the Australian Open in January. Everything went well and Serena gave birth to her and Ohanian’s daughter on September 1.

Now, a couple weeks later, their baby made her first public appearance.

‘Hello, World’

On Wednesday, September 13, Serena Williams went on her official Instagram account and posted a close-up photo of herself and her daughter with Alexis Ohanian. She also revealed their baby’s name - Alexis Ohanian Jr. That was certainly a surprise, as while her daddy’s name Alexis can be taken as unisex, the fact that she has “Junior” at the end of her last name could make for a giggle or more. Serena also invited her followers to check the link she had posted in her bio for more to their story.

The link goes back to WilliamsOfficial Website, where she has uploaded a YouTube video that chronicled her pregnancy with Alexis Jr., entitled “Hello World.” The video, which runs two minutes long, shows the tennis superstar as she settles into her pregnancy with her baby bump being focused on at various stages of its growth (including the first ultrasound images).

Ohanian Senior also appears at certain points, while Serena narrates. The final part, taken when Williams and Ohanian were ready to leave the hospital with Alexis (following a stay of six days), has Serena state that while it took a long time, they have got their baby girl.

Baby statistics

It was quite the story in itself when Serena Williams was first revealed as being with child back in April.

She had accidentally posted a selfie of herself, plus baby bump online when she was actually saving in for private viewing. When the photo was proliferated over the net despite her taking it down from her Snapchat, Serena conceded defeat and decided to spill the news.

Alexis Ohanian even posted some quirky stats for his daughter Alexis Jr.

She weighs 16 pounds and 14 ounces and has already won a tennis Grand Slam (shared with mom Serena who was carrying her during the 2017 Australian Open). The younger Ohanian also has her own Instagram page, with her parents being her first followers.