"Days of our Lives" spoilers for mid-week reveal that there will be plenty of relationship drama in Salem. As many "DOOL" fans already know, there are many people having relationship issues right now, including Brady and Nicole, Hope and Rafe, Claire and Theo, Adrienne (Bonnie) and Lucas, Gabi, and more. It looks like Wednesday will focus a bit on a couple of those rocky relationships.

Brady seeks advice from his father

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Brady will really need his dad, John, at a tough point in his life. Although John has just been through a very traumatic ordeal with Marlena, he'll still have time to be a parent, and offer some much needed advice to his oldest child.

As "DOOL" viewers know, Brady's jealousy has gotten out of control. He is very worried about his girlfriend, Nicole Walker, spending so much time with his half-brother, and her former fiance, Eric Brady. Although Nicole has assured Brady that she has no romantic interest in Eric, he just can't seem to shake the feeling that there is something going on, and he's not wrong. Eric is pining for Nicole, and has even been dreaming about her. John will likely calm Brady's nerves, and help him look at all the facts without jumping to conclusions that Nicole and Eric are having an affair.

Hattie contacts Justin, will she rat out Bonnie?

Meanwhile, Hattie has been arrested, but that doesn't mean "Days of our Lives" fans still won't be seeing her.

The Marlena doppelganger will contact Justin Kiriakis on Wednesday, but for what? Will Hattie be ready to blow the whistle on Bonnie's plans? Although Hattie and Bonnie are friends, Hattie likely won't want to be the only one going down. However, it seems that she may also just want a lawyer to represent her in her latest court case.

Claire is playing a dangerous game with Tripp and Theo

All the while, Salem's teen scene will be in action yet again. Claire and Theo have officially invited Tripp to move in with them. Although Theo didn't want Tripp to move into the apartment, and has been jealous over his connection with his ex-girlfriend, Claire, it seems that things will get worse.

Claire wants to get back together with Theo, and it looks like "Days Of Our Lives" fans will see her use Tripp to do it. Claire will try to make Theo even more jealous by flirting with Tripp in hopes that he'll want to get back together. However, it seems that things may backfire for Claire when Tripp develops romantic feelings and she's stuck in the middle of yet another love triangle.