"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that the beginning of the week in Salem is going to be "shocking." John and Marlena are set to face a terrible fate, Hope and Hattie will have it out, and all the drama will kick off a very interesting week in Salem, which will reportedly end with Will Horton making his way back home, and fans are excited for the big return.

Hope arrests Hattie for impersonating Marlena

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Hope is on to Hattie, and she will try to get everything she can out of her old prison buddy.

As many "DOOL" fans will remember, Hattie was a good friend to Hope while she was behind bars for the murder of Stefano DiMera. However, Hope is out of jail now, and is back with the Salem police. She'll be forced to arrested her old friend for impersonating Marlena Evans, but the most important thing will be getting John and Marlena home safely. Will Hope be able to get the information she needs out of Hattie so that she can rescue John and Marlena before it is too late?

Will John and Marlena be saved from electroshock therapy?

As Hope works on Hattie Adams, John and Marlena will be facing a terrifying fate. Hattie has ordered the staff at Bayview to give John and Marlena electroshock therapy.

The possibility is cringe-worthy for fans, as well as John and Marlena. While it seems like the fan favorite couple may be tortured side-by-side, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers are hoping that Hope and Hattie's talk will lead to their rescue. However, as previously reported, it seems that Andre DiMera will have something to do with their escape as well.

More drama is on the way for 'DOOL' fans

While Monday may be focused on John and Marlena's situation at Bayview, the rest of the week in Salem is going to be very dramatic. "Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Will Horton (Chandler Massey) is on his way back home, and that Lucas' drinking will continue to get out of hand.

Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail and Sonny and Paul will share the news of their double wedding around Salem. Unfortunately, it seems that there will be one Salem citizen who is less than thrilled about the big news. While the two couples couldn't be more happy about their upcoming wedding day, the ceremony will likely be rocked with drama when a familiar face crashes the party. All of Salem will be shocked to find out that Will is still alive, and the storyline that stems from Will's return is sure to be one of the best of the year.