"Days of our Lives" spoilers and rumors are running wildly lately, and there is talk that some very big characters could be returning. While "DOOL" fans already know which characters have been confirmed to return to the soap opera, there are a handful of characters that some fans believe will/should come back to Salem in the near future. However, none of these returns have been confirmed as of yet.

Is an EJ DiMera recast coming?

EJ DiMera seems to be one of the most talked about former characters on "Days Of Our Lives." Over the past year there have been clues and hints that make it seem like it is possible that EJ may be returning the soap, including the return of Sami Brady in the fall, and a leaked "DOOL" audition tape that some fans thought could have been an actor reading for the role of EJ.

As many fans will also remember, when EJ died, Kristen was seen sneaking into the morgue to inject his corpse with a mystery substance, and later Stefano revealed that he had taken his son's body. Nothing more was ever said about it, but it appears that the soap set it up to bring EJ back. However, if EJ does return, it will likely be in a recast since actor James Scott seemingly doesn't want to come back to the show.

Fans want Bo Brady back

Another character that fans would love to see return from the dead is Bo Brady. The character is among "Days of our Lives" fans' all-time favorites. His fun spirit, bad boy persona, and romance with Hope Brady made "DOOL" fans fall in love with him. However, when actor Peter Reckell wanted off the soap, they decided to write him off.

During the show's 50th anniversary, Bo returned home to his family only to find out he had terminal brain cancer, and died in Hope's arms. Fans are seemingly always petitioning for a Bo Brady return, but it doesn't seem likely as Reckell has seemingly left his Soap Opera days behind him for good.

Could Stefano rise from the ashes again?

Another big "Days of our Lives" character that is rumored to possibly return is Stefano DiMera. While fans know that actor Joseph Mascolo sadly passed away not long after filming his final scenes as Stefano, there have been rumblings of a Stefano return. Recently, a "DOOL" casting call went out looking for an older, Caucasian, tan man to appear on the soap.

However, there's a catch. They only want the actors arms and hands to appear, which led to a lot of speculation that Stefano will be back, and that fans will only see his hands as he plots and gives orders. It would be a way to carry on the legacy of the character without officially recasting the part.

Brady and Theresa to reunite?

Another character that seems likely to return to Salem is Theresa Donovan. Actress Jen Lilley left the soap and her TV husband, Brady Black, behind in order to help the ISA catch a drug dealer from her past that threatened her life, Brady's and their son, Tate. Theresa lied to her love and told him she no longer wanted to be his wife or a mother to Tate in hopes of keeping them safe.

However, recently actor Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) revealed that he wanted Jen Lilley to return, and Lilley responded via social media, saying she would come back for him. Could this mean that "Days of our Lives" viewers are in for a Brady and Theresa reunion? We certainly hope so!

Chelsea Brady returning with Billie?

Chelsea Brady is another character who has been long gone from Salem. However, since it has been confirmed that Chelsea's mother, Billie Reed, (Lisa Rinna) is coming back to Salem in early 2018, "Days of our Lives" viewers can't help but wonder if Chelsea will tag along. It's been years since fans have seen Chelsea, who is the daughter of Billie and Bo, and her return could bring back some old memories for many Salem residents, such as Abigail, who was close friends with her, and Hope, Chelsea's step-mother, who condemned her following Chelsea hitting Hope's young son, Zac, on the road and fleeing the scene, ultimately killing the little boy.

Hope could be driven back to the dark time if Chelsea were to show up in Salem again.

Deimos rises from the dead already?

The final character who is rumored to possibly returning to "Days of our Lives" is Deimos Kiriakis. Deimos recently died, and set off a murder mystery that ended with Nicole Walker remembering that she killed her former fiance. Deimos hasn't been dead long, and many fans would not want to see him return. However, if "DOOL" is looking to add another bad guy to the cast, Deimos does fit the bill.

What are your thoughts on all the "Days of our Lives" rumors? Which of these characters do you think "DOOL" should bring back, if any?