"Days of our Lives" spoilers and rumors about returning characters have been running wild as of late. It seems that "DOOL" fans can't go a week without hearing about a character that is coming back to Salem, or one that might be returning, or even the ones that viewers wish would come home. However, while many rumors are circulating, there are a handful of characters that have been confirmed to be back in Salem in the very near future.

Will comes home to Salem

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers, quite a few characters are returning to Salem at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

One of the most anticipated returns of that of Will Horton. Chandler Massey will be reprising his role as "DOOL" iconic gay character, and he'll shock everyone when he returns home to reveal that he's not dead as everyone has believed. This will cause a conflict for his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, who is getting ready to marry Paul Narita.

Sami Brady returns, so does Ben Weston

Meanwhile, "Days Of Our Lives" will also see actress Alison Sweeney return to her role as beloved character Sami Brady. Sami will likely return to Salem in relation to her son Will's homecoming, and she'll have some seriously juicy storylines. Sami will have her hand in a lot of Salem drama during her stint, and rumor has it that her return could lead some unexpected character returns, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Ben Weston will also be back this fall and will likely have something to do with Will's disappearance and to start trouble for Abigail!

Eileen Davidson comes back, but as which character?

Another big name returning to "Days of our Lives" is Eileen Davidson. The actress has played dual roles on "DOOL" as both Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks.

While many fans believe that she'll be returning as Kristen, who is presumed dead, but her body was never found, she could easily be playing Susan as well, or even a brand new third role that fans have yet to hear about.

Jack is back

Jack is back. "Days of our Lives" fans have long rooted for Jack Deveraux's return to the soap.

However, after his most recent death, where he fell down an elevator shaft saving the life of his daughter, Abigail, it seemed that he'd never return. However, "DOOL" has seemingly figured out a way to bring him back to the soap. Jack recently returned in spirit form to interact with his wife, Jennifer Horton, and he'll do the same again for his son, JJ. JJ will be going through a very tragic and dark time in his life, and Jack's spirit will be there to help him through it all.

Billie Reed heads home

Lisa Rinna will also be reprising her fan favorite role as Billie Reed. As many "Days of our Lives" watchers know, Billie is the ex-wife of the late Bo Brady, and the two share a child together, daughter Chelsea.

Billie has family ties to Salem as her mother is Kate Roberts and her brother is Lucas Horton. It seems that Billie could come back to visit with her family, for business reasons, or just to start some trouble for her old nemesis, Hope Brady. Meanwhile, Hope's daughter, Ciara, will also be back at the end of the year, but a different actress will be playing the role.

Eve and Vivian will stir up trouble

Two Salem bad girls will also be back in action on "Days of our Lives" in the near future. Fans will see Eve Donovan return home to start some trouble with the Kiriakis family and get a new romantic storyline. Meanwhile, Vivian Alamain will also be back in action on "DOOL," and she's known for her wild antics and schemes. Anything could happen when these ladies hit town. Be sure to tune in as not to miss a second of the drama.