"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Nicole is so close to having everything she wants in her life. She has finally gotten her daughter Holly back after Chloe Lane had a stunning change of heart, and she is now free to raise her daughter and Brady's son, Tate, together with her love. Nicole and Brady have been through a lot together over the past few months, and things are about to get even rockier. It looks like Nicole may screw things up for herself yet again when she cheats on Brady!

Nicole will be kissing a new man very soon

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Nicole Walker is about to make yet another mistake in her love life.

Despite saying that she's in love with Brady Black, Nicole will lock lips with a very surprising person in the upcoming days. The report reveals that Nicole and Brady's own brother, Eric, will share a passionate kiss together. As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, Eric and Nicole have a very long history together, and Eric was very likely Nicole's first love. The two have been together multiple times over the years, but it has never worked out. However, when Eric caused the car accident that killed Nicole's fiance, Dr. Daniel Jonas, she vowed to never forgive him.

Deimos drugs the citizens of Salem

As a part of Nicole's community service punishment for kidnapping Holly from Chloe, Nicole has been sentencing to volunteer at Eric's place of work.

The two will be spending a lot of time together while she's there, and somehow Nicole's hatred for Eric will turn into a steamy lip lock. However, the circumstance surrounding the kiss will be very complicated. The site reveals that "Days of our Lives" villain, Deimos Kiriakis, will drug the drinks at an upcoming party attended by both Nicole and Eric.

All of the party goers will be impacted by the drugged beverages, and Eric and Nicole will find themselves in a heated kiss by the end of the ordeal.

Will Eric and Nicole end up back together and break Brady's heart?

Nicole will most likely be angry when she realizes that she kissed Eric, but the smooch could bring back some serious romantic feelings between the two.

"Days of our Lives" has already been hinting that Eric may not be over his love for Nicole, and the kiss could the one thing that puts those feelings front and center in Eric's eyes. Meanwhile, Nicole will likely find herself wrestling with her feelings for Brady and Eric in the near future. What do you think about the latest "DOOL" spoilers?