Someone is set to be back in Criminal MindsSeason 13 and it looks like fans are not happy with it. The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) will once again be haunted by the return of psychotic cannibalistic serial killer Floyd Feylinn Ferell.

Jamie Kennedy confirmed he will be reprising his role as the evil murderer that the BAU feared. To recall, he was first seen in the television show’s third season, 10 years ago, and he has marked his character ever since.

A glimpse of Ferell’s past

Floyd Feylinn Ferell first noticed his cannibalistic tendencies when he was just seven years old after he bit his little sister’s flesh.

He even believed that he was possessed by a flesh-eating evil.

In “Criminal Minds” Season 3, he encountered the BAU team when they found his victim, whose body was stuffed with the fingers of his other prey who had all been prostitutes.

He then kidnapped another girl and that provoked BAU to search for the real attacker. To distract the team, he abducted another woman and killed the other one, whose flesh he cooked and served to the group. Nevertheless, he was captured.

His room was then seen covered with writing, pentagrams, and black paintings. A book about Satanism was also discovered. He even had a cookbook composed of cannibalistic meals like "Skewered She" and "Kobe Girl Steak." He was then taken to a mental institution.

How will Ferell return in the new storyline?

With his 10-year stay in the mental institution, it has not yet been revealed how Floyd Feylinn Ferell will make his way to “Criminal Minds” Season 13.

Clearly, he is a big threat to the people of Virginia and he is a criminal who is hard to deal with. It will be very interesting to know how he will make his return.

There are theories that he might be released from the facility for his good behavior as he may respond to his medications show signs that he is now positively well. In fact, in an interview with executive producer Erica Messer, he teased that this might be the case. “Here he is 10 years into being a patient at a mental institution who now may or may not be eligible to get out of that institution,” he hinted.

There is another assumption that he might escape the institution and return to his cannibalistic ways again. When the BAU encounters him once more, Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) will once again be up for another adventure to hunt the cannibalistic serial killer.

“Criminal Minds” Season 13 is set to return on Sept. 27 on CBS. Its first episode is titled “Wheels Up” and Floyd Feylinn Ferell’s return will be seen in the fifth episode.