Fans saw a glimpse of Chief Hopper’s (David Harbour) daughter in the first season of “Stranger Things.” The death of his child Sara, who died from cancer at an early age, made him drink a lot to move on but it didn’t make him less of a good law enforcer.

It looks like Sara’s death has something to do with “Stranger Things” Season 2’s new storyline. In an interview with TV Guide, David Harbour seemed to drop some major details about his kid in the coming season. Is she really dead?

Hopper’s daughter

"Hopper's daughter will be the primary focus of Season 2,” David Harbour told TV Guide.

However, the 42-year-old actor intimated that Sara will be featured but not in the way that fans expect to see her.

The “Suicide Squad” star explained that Hopper’s knowledge about his relationship with his kid, being a father, and a man, will grow deeper in “Stranger Things” Season 2. He then revealed that they will have a lot of time to explore that in the new chapter. “But it won't be in the literal way that you think it is,” he hinted. He stopped at giving out any more details saying, it is good stuff that fans need to see.

Will Hopper father Eleven?

David Harbour didn’t go into details but from the looks of it, “Stranger Things” Season 2 will feature a lot of things about Sara.

According to Harpers Bazaar, Chief Hopper might learn new things about her daughter that he didn’t know before.

In another report by Bustle, it strongly believed that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is actually his child. To recall, Chief Hopper was seen leaving some Eggos in the woods for El in the first season. So, some think that the two will meet each other again and he might play the role of being her father. Sara’s death, too, might have a connection to the strange things happening in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Will’s sinful role

In other news, the television show’s co-creator Ross Duffer hinted that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) will have a “much more sinful role” in “Stranger Things” Season 2.

Noah is just an incredible actor,” he said in an interview with U.S. Weekly. So, fans are now excited about what he is going to reveal after being more relaxed in the previous season.

To recall - in the first season finale, Will was seen coughing up a slug-type thing. It might be an indication that he was not yet fully healed after being trapped in the Upside Down. And as the first installment was not heavily horror, Ross Duffer teased that they wanted to push the series a little more and get the kids out of their comfort zone.