Thomas Gibson has been one of the biggest cornerstones inCriminal Minds since the show originally premiered in September 2005, which also stars Joe Mantegna, AJ Cook, Kirsten Vangness and more. The producers and showrunners suffered backlash for its substantial cast shake-ups especially when they fired Gibson in August 2016. Many of his fans protested online and even filed a petition in an attempt to get him back on the show. However, there have been a few characters that have returned and there will be another one coming back in Season 13. The biggest question is, how about Aaron Hotchner?

Is there any chance for Gibson?

Despite the big protest that fans have gotten in to to bring back Gibson in “Criminal Minds,” it seems that the producers remain silent about his requested return to the show. Over on Twitter, the people behind the massive #NoHotchNoWatch are still determined not to watch the show. They are firm that they will only watch the series again once Aaron Hotchner returns to the BAU. Season 12 ratings have significantly dropped and his fans suggest that it’s because of his departure from the show.

Gibson was fired by the “Criminal Minds” producers following an altercation with one of the show’s writer, during an episode that he was also directing. He said that the dispute stemmed from their creative differences.

He has also issued an apology to the writer and the network but to this date, fans’ requests to bring him back still fall on deaf ears. Instead, the producers summoned other characters to return to the show just like Shemar Moore, who played Derek Morgan and visited the show during its season finale. Actor Jamie Kennedy is also reprising his role as the cannibalistic serial killer, Floyd Feylinn Ferell, who's been incarcerated in a mental facility since Season 3.

‘Wheels Up’

When Gibson fans found out that the title of “Criminal Minds” Season 13 Episode 1 is “Wheels Up,” all of them took to social media to express their disappointments. Those who have been following the show know that Aaron Hotchner’s catchprase is ‘Wheels Up’. Apparently, his fans believe that the showrunners are taunting them over their request to get the actor back in the series.

They are also positive that the 13th season will not gain high ratings compared to the season premieres when Gibson was still in the show.

“Hotch will always be "Wheels Up". I mean, really, NO one can take that away from Hotch after 11 years,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Apart from Gibson fans, there were also other “Criminal Minds” viewers who complained about the show’s cast rotation. For them, maintaining high ratings is too difficult when the major characters are out of sight for good.