Many fans have been patiently waiting for the upcoming ninth album of Eminem. The rapper, who is formally known as Marshall Mathers, confirmed via Twitter that he was working on an album after dropping his single “Campaign Speech” in October 2016. He has not released a solo album since 2013, but it looks that is set to change this coming fall. Recent speculations suggest that Eminem’s imminent album will include Pink and Selena Gomez.

Possible collaborators revealed

The Christian Post reported that Eminem would record songs together with Pink and Selena Gomez.

The news came after the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber shared on Twitter that she would want to collaborate with Eminem shortly. Selena has been very vocal about her admiration towards the rapper. In fact, she revealed at the 2011 Grammy Awards that she was excited to see Marshall Mathers’ performance.

“Music is an awesome way to express yourself, but when you see him onstage, and he comes to events like this, you never see him having to be all stiff and cool,” Selena told MTV News. “He’s just in a hoodie, goes on and performs, and I love that,” the 25-year-old American songstress went on. However, the Disney alum was a bit doubtful that Eminem would acknowledge her dream collaboration since she lacks “street cred.”

Aside from Selena Gomez, The Christian Post also claimed that Pink could be featured in the forthcoming ninth album of the master rapper.

Eminem and the 38-year-old Pennsylvania-born singer previously worked on two tracks titled “Won’t Back Down” in 2010 and “Here Comes the Weekend” in 2012. While these reports could be true, it is important to note that the involved parties have yet to confirm or deny these reports. Therefore, fans should take these rumors lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Marshall Mathers helping hurricane victims

Meanwhile, Eminem is currently helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida. Crain’s Detroit Business reported that the 44-year-old rapper has collaborated with Detroit-based StockX LLC to raise funds for the victims. The Detroit-native also pledged $250,000 via The Marshall Mathers Foundation to match the first amount raised.

Supporters will get a chance to win one of 17 pairs of the sneakers bequeathed by Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Mark Wahlberg, Pharrell Williams and Eminem himself. "As we watched the tragic events unfold in Florida and Texas, we wanted to leverage our position as a leading marketplace for luxury consumer goods, to turn luxury items into real necessities," Josh Luber, co-founder, and CEO of StockX stated in a statement. He also thanked the Eminem for supporting the cause.