Fans of NBC's "Chicago Fire" have waited a long time to find out who died in the fire that happened as a cliffhanger on Season 5 finale. Viewers will have to wait a couple of days longer than expected. That's because the popular series will air on a different day.

When the series returns, it will pick up exactly where it left off to refresh viewers' memory of what happened during the finale. Then viewers will see who died in the fire. People are speculating that it could be one of three or four possibilities. There have been many theories and cryptic clues.

People will find out for sure at the end of the month. They have been warned to have tissues ready.

The premiere

NBC's fall programs start on September 25. If the network hadn't changed "Chicago Fire" to a different day, it would have premiered on Tuesday, September 26. Mark your calendar because Season 6 of the popular drama will air on Thursdays beginning on September 28, 2017, at 10 p.m.

That means there is a switch-a-roo with the "Chicago" franchise. For instance, "Chicago P.D" will return on Wednesday, September 27 followed by "Chicago Fire." In previous seasons, "Chicago Fire" was first. "Chicago Med" will not return until midseason. Therefore, fans will have to wait much longer to see if Dr.

Connor Rhodes died when he was shot during the finale by a disgruntled mental patient he had been treating.

Viewers probably already know that "Chicago Justice" was canceled after only one season. The legal drama was short lived. It aired only 13 episodes from March 1 to May 14, 2017. That didn't seem long enough to give the series a chance to survive, but creator Dick Wolf decided to pull the plug on the program.

Therefore there are only three dramas in the franchise instead of four that many people enjoyed in the past.

ABC's 'Seattle Fire'

Last May, Shonda Rhimes said she was going after "Chicago Fire" by having a similar show with Seattle as its setting. She boasted that she was going to give "Chicago Fire" a run for its money. Rhimes' ABC series will be a spin-off from "Grey's Anatomy" about firefighters quite similar to NBC's drama.

Just like "Chicago Fire," Rhimes' drama will be set in a firehouse and will follow heroic firefighters in their public and personal lives. No date has been set for the Seattle firefighters' drama. However, it has been advertised to start in midseason. Therefore, fans don't have to worry about the competition until then.