Chelsea DeBoer has gone through quite the drama while filming "16 & Pregnant" and "Teen Mom 2" over the past couple of years, as she has tried to get Adam Lind to pay attention to his daughter. For years, Chelsea had hoped that Adam would use his common sense and step up to be a father to little Aubree. But his passion for the gym and hanging out with his friends always took priority over his daughter. Adam always blamed DeBoer for keeping their daughter away from him, but fans of "Teen Mom 2" saw how the producers constantly tried to get him to film with them.

When she learned that Adam may have been caught up with drugs, DeBoer talked about it on the show but she never talked about it in front of her daughter.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer's father is now revealing that some of the serious conversations that take place on "Teen Mom 2" should be done away from the children. The kids from the original "16 & Pregnant" episodes are growing up and they are starting to understand the drama that's happening between the parents. They are now understanding that mom and dad aren't getting along or aren't happy.

Protecting the kids

It sounds like Randy Houska wants to protect the children. Chelsea DeBoer has always been good at talking about Adam when Aubree was in another room.

It sounds like Aubree has no idea that her father has some serious issues and that her mother doesn't like to talk about Lind. Aubree has always expressed disappointment that her father doesn't make room for her in his life.

Even though Randy didn't mention any names, it's possible that he's talking about Chelsea's co-stars.

Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have all talked about serious issues in front of their children.

Kids raising kids

Of course, some people would probably argue that Chelsea DeBoer and her co-stars were kids having kids when they were filming "16 & Pregnant." They will still very young when they had children, so they weren't even mature themselves.

Perhaps this is why they are talking about serious issues in front of their children, as they don't see it as serious. However, Isaac is noticing whenever his mother, Kailyn Lowry, is frustrated after fighting with Javi Marroquin. Leah Messer's daughters realize when she's talking about Jeremy. Jenelle Evans' son Jace is constantly frustrated with the drama between Jenelle and Barbara.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's father getting involved?