Chelsea DeBoer has been on a reality television show for years, but she has managed to keep many things private. DeBoer knows that fans will attack anything they see on "Teen Mom 2" that they don't like and they are vicious at times. Chelsea may have learned this the hard way and she often keeps things to herself when she learns something. For example, she has been stepping carefully around the topic of Adam Lind's drug addiction. She could have said plenty of things, but she decided to play it cool. It is possible she doesn't want her daughter to think any less of her, as she attacks Aubree's father.

Despite keeping things from the public, Chelsea does get judged by her Family Members. While fans of "Teen Mom 2" know her father and mother well, they have rarely met her sister. On this week's episode of the show, Chelsea learned that her mother and sister were not exactly supportive of her decision to have a reception outside in October to celebrate her wedding. Fans noticed how they were not very supportive of her decision. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that there may be a reason for this.

Little sister role

Chelsea explains that her mother and sister may not take her seriously as she is the little sister in the family. Even though she may be a famous reality star to some people, DeBoer may not get the same respect at home from her family.

When Chelsea told fans about her reception plans for the second wedding celebration, they all thought it was a wonderful idea. When she told her family about it, they didn't think it was a great idea. They didn't like the idea of sitting outside in October in South Dakota, despite having heaters.

Fame in the family

Maybe they are not used to having fame in the family.

Chelsea's sister is rarely featured on "Teen Mom 2" and it is possible that she wants nothing to do with the show or with the fame. Fame often changes people, but Chelsea doesn't appear to have changed much. As she herself has revealed, the idea of fame and attention gives her anxiety. This is why she doesn't go to award shows with the other girls from the MTV franchise.

Despite being the little sister, it doesn't sound like DeBoer's fame from "Teen Mom 2" has caused any friction within the family. It is possible that some of her siblings may be jealous of the money she's making.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's family members not giving her much support in regards to her wedding celebrations? Do you think she should ignore their advice?