On "The Young and the Restless," the Ashby twins Charlie and Mattie are having trouble forgiving their father and are not yet ready to reunite the family. Every time Cane tries to get closer to them, they remind him that nothing has changed. Balancing between Lily, the twins, Juliet, and the baby is causing drama for Cane and everyone else.

Charlie and Mattie cannot get past their father's indiscretion

On Wednesday, the entire Ashby family had breakfast together. Cane tried his best to make small talk and show interest in his children's lives but made no real progress.

After Charlie left for school, Mattie told her dad that nothing had changed because he still cheated on Lily, and Juliet is still pregnant. After his daughter left, Cane and Lily talked briefly and then he went to a doctor's appointment with Juliet. Balancing both worlds has him caught between two separate families.

Hilary continues to tell Juliet that she has zero chance with Cane because he wants Lily and the twins back in his life. Ms. Helton holds her ground, believing that her baby gives her a place in Cane Ashby's life.

This is the reason the twins are having problems moving forward. They met Juliet earlier in the summer, and Charlie told her that he and his sister want nothing to do with her and her baby.

They have not yet accepted that this child will be their younger brother or sister. Because they are teenagers, the twins are not seeing the bigger picture but only how their personal lives have shifted.

Unanswered questions regarding Juliet

Cane and Juliet went to the doctor's appointment and found out their child is a healthy boy.

This puts to rest the possibility that Ms. Helton is not pregnant. There is still the issue of whether or not the paternity test is accurate and if Cane is the baby daddy. Many viewers believe this situation is too simple and that something is off about it. For now, it looks like Cane Ashby will have to deal with two separate families.

Lily and the twins are going to have a difficult time trying to adjust to this new family dynamic. There is also the issue of Jordan who wants a relationship with Lily. Mattie has already expressed her displeasure with her mother moving on so soon. Having Jordan and Cane both vying for their mom's attention is going to have a profound effect on Charlie and his sister.

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