Chelsea DeBoer is now the mother of two children, and one can imagine she's quite busy these days. Her daughter Aubree is now ready for the second grade, and Watson Cole is close to 8 months old. Chelsea appears to be staying home with her son and enjoying the mother role once again. The first time around, she wasn't as active in her parenting as she was frustrated with Adam Lind's lack of interest in his daughter, and she was merely a teenager. One can imagine she was just trying to keep it together.

However, she has found tremendous success with "Teen Mom 2," and despite not being a fan of the public eye, Chelsea's story has inspired many to avoid teen pregnancy and wait for the right man to come along.

As DeBoer has infamously explained, she met Cole DeBoer at a gas station. They are now married and have a son together. It sounds like Chelsea and Cole really enjoy their new family life together, as they are already planning Halloween together. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now asking her fans and followers for some fun and interesting Halloween costumes for her daughter and little Watson.

Fun ideas

Of course, Chelsea's daughter Aubree has always been known to look her best. Even when she was just a little girl, she was always showing off some seriously stylish clothing, and fans became jealous. Plus, DeBoer's South Dakota lifestyle has always influenced her own clothing as well.

But this year, it sounds like DeBoer is struggling with something unique and fun for her daughter's Halloween experience. This year, Aubree herself has a dilemma — she doesn't know what she wants.

Hopefully, Chelsea DeBoer's fans and followers can help her out and come up with an interesting costume for the little girl.

It is possible that Chelsea's son Watson will be something cute, as he will be just 9 months old. There's no word on whether their costumes will match, as it is possible that Aubree will be wearing her costume to school and won't need to match her brother.

Recent criticism

Chelsea is doing everything she can to ensure that her daughter has an awesome Halloween.

She recently went through some unjust criticism, as some fans of "Teen Mom 2" believe she's neglecting her daughter. The criticism comes after an episode of the show where Chelsea was seen getting angry with Aubree but gushing over her son Watson and talking about baby fever. She claims the show was unfairly edited and she wasn't happy.

What do you think Chelsea DeBoer will come up with for her daughter's costume?