The famous actress Carey Mulligan gave birth to her second child "with husband, Marcus Mumford," the Daily Mail reported. Mulligan confirmed the news on Monday during the cast dinner of her upcoming film at the Toronto International Film Festival. According to US Weekly, the family is "thrilled"" at the arrival of the second baby.

To recall, the couple tied the knot back in 2012 and eventually, they welcomed their first born daughter, Evelyn, in September 2015. The couple seemed to be very happy as they welcomed the second brood of the family. As yet, Mulligan and Mumford haven't revealed further details about their second baby including the baby’s name.

Their friends and followers congratulated the couple following the news.

Details on pregnancy

All her fans were was left in awe when Mulligan confirmed giving birth to her second child. According to Daily Mail, Mulligan never officially confirmed that she was pregnant but she was usually spotted with her "prominent baby bump" on several red carpet occasions.

Early this year, the first news about her pregnancy came out in July. Everyone was surprised because she is normally slim but she was spotted sporting her big round tummy. The actress and her husband were tight-lipped about her pregnancy details.

Romantic story

According to Daily Mail, Mulligan and Mumford have a very romantic story.

Both were reportedly childhood pen pals who lost contact with each other over the years. Later they were reconnected as adults.

Back in April, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary after tying the knot in 2012. Mulligan and Mumford used to work in one movie project under the Llewyn Productions prior to becoming a couple.

Meanwhile, the famous actress also told New York Daily News that she wanted her daughter, Evelyn, to live life the simplest way. She determined that she would teach her lessons about life that included not wearing makeup at all, and not going out to get piercings and tattoos.

Despite having a successful career, Mulligan is known for living a simple life.

This is despite her being nominated for an Oscar Award in 2009.

The British actress has been firm about keeping their lives private. This is because she believes that her husband is one of the only things that is truly hers and that accounts for her privacy. Apart from being parents of two kids, both are still busy working on their respective careers, Metro reported.