Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan are known for giving their all in their professions. Marcus Mumford and his bandmates in Mumford and Sons left fans stomping and cheering for more at Boston Calling just days ago. His wife, the acclaimed Oscar-nominated Carey Mulligan dedicates herself to her roles that it is hard for any audience or critic to separate the actress from the parts she takes. Both partners passionately give themselves to charity initiatives and don't mind being courageously public for those causes. When it comes to parenting and private life, however, the pair defends the right to their own lives with ferocity.

Before their first child arrived, Carey kept any sign of pregnancy carefully concealed, even in the glare of paparazzi. A few not-so-welcome photos from a casual night dining out seem to show another blessing “in the oven” for the doting mum and dad.

Caught by the camera

Carey Mulligan looked completely caught off guard when cameras snapped shots of her and Marcus Mumford sharing a date night for dinner at the Sexy Fish. Looking up with her phone in hand, Carey seemed to camouflage a baby bump beneath a loose-fitting black silk top. Marcus had his head covered by his wife's handbag in one prying picture. The musician maintains a mammoth touring schedule, and Mumford declares that he and Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane still delight in the times they share onstage.

Recording new albums gives the band reason to keep thrilling fans as A Gentlemen of the Road. Images taken from any Mumford and Sons' show verify the elation.

The mum and dad never made an official announcement when one-year-old daughter Evelyn Grace, was born in September of 2015. During her promotional blitz for “Suffragette,” Mulligan divulged that her newborn daughter was three weeks old.

It took another few weeks before the name was revealed. When it comes to keeping things under wraps, these parents are experts.

Carey Mulligan made her way back to the red carpet to debut her film, “Mudbound,” at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The petite beauty takes no pleasure in “200 people screaming at you and taking a picture,” but she keeps it in perspective now.

She has been open in elaborating that one life lesson for her daughter would be “No makeup, no piercings, no tattoos.” The mother looks lovely as ever sans cosmetics herself.

Perfect timing

No parent can plan the perfect moment for a child to arrive, but Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in April. The growing family strives to give Evelyn the grounding of growing up away from any celebrity tortures or trappings, and the little girl certainly lives with examples of devotion and the joy found from family and hard work. As noted in one of the most cherished songs from Mumford and Sons, “Whispers in the Dark,” the moment to embrace life is now, “while we are young.” What better way to do so than with another bundle of joy?