Brandi Redmond has always been fairly honest about who she is. She likes to drink her Jesus Juice with her friend Stephanie Hollman when they are hanging out. She has a horrible sense of humor at times, and she's been honest about her marital troubles last year. While Brandi is proud of who she is and the role model she is to her children, it sounds like one of her co-stars could not disagree more. On "The Real Housewives of Dallas," newcomer Kameron Westcott can't help but judge Brandi because she doesn't want to fit into a certain mold.

It's no secret that class and charity work is important in Dallas, as this is something that is discussed often on "The Real Housewives of Dallas." Perhaps Brandi isn't Kameron's cup of tea, but to say that she's not really up to par with high society seems pointless.

That's not even something that Redmond seems to care about. According to a new report, Brandi Redmond is now opening up about why she chose to call her new co-star a rude name and yell at her during a get-together.

Climbing the social ladder

It is very interesting that Brandi Redmond is being accused of wanting to climb the social ladder. There is nothing in her behavior or even her demeanor that suggests she wants to be part of the high society in Dallas. She would much rather prefer to stick to her cheerleading roots. Instead of high tea, she wants some BBQ and a beer.

"Was I shocked that my attire was not up to their standards? No, not shocked at all. I’ll admit, I wasn’t raised in the debutante world and I guess I should have Googled "tea attire" before attending, but I just thought I was supposed to look like a whore in church," Brandi Redmond explains in her blog, clearly making a dig at D'Andra Simmons' "honest tea" get-together, where she called Kameron a b*tch.

Mocking Kameron Westcott?

In her blog, Brandi Redmond reveals that she felt like a whore in church and that she knew she wouldn't fit the social standards of Westcott. It sounds like she's mocking her co-star because Kameron seems so pretentious. It's clear that Westcott has a certain way of living her life and she is not interested in hearing what Brandi has to say.

She's convinced that Redmond wants what she has, including her social status.

What do you think about Brandi Redmond clearly mocking that socialite status that Kameron has in Dallas? Do you think Redmond is as desperate for a Dallas zip code and some attention as her co-star seems to think?