Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce sent shockwaves throughout the media, and everyone seemed to be discussing the reasons for the couple's split. Amid all the gossip and rumors, Jennifer Aniston, Pitt's ex-wife, remained silent but many were of the opinion that it gave her the closure she needed. Well, it looks like the opinion was wrong as the closure has come one year later after Brad Pitt reportedly apologized to her for leaving her and she got emotional after hearing his apology. As for Jolie, she is very much single and is said to have embraced a no-sex life.

Brad owns up to his mistakes before Jen

It is said that Brad apologized to his ex-wife Jennifer in a “bare-it-all” confession, saying he is sorry for all his wrongs. He said sorry for being an absentee husband and also expressed regret for his addictions. He said sorry for behaving like a jerk and did regret leaving her behind for Jolie. His honest and heartfelt words reportedly led to a meltdown on Jennifer’s part and she broke down after hearing him. Insiders claim that she got emotional and all her bottled up emotions came tumbling out.

Tears soaked her eyes and it was quite a difficult moment for her. Nevertheless, it was also the most satisfying one as it was the most intimate conversation the two have ever had.

However, it did not materialize out of thin air with Pitt getting into the confession mood all of a sudden. Sources close to the “Allied” actor said that he had it in mind for a long time and ever since he split from Jolie, he had resolved to right the wrongs he had committed.

Angelina Jolie not ready to mingle

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is getting comfortable with her single status and is completely focused on her children and charity work.

She is not looking for love and has also decided to lead a celibate life. The actress, who is drawn to celibacy, has been reading a good amount of literature on how to transform sexual energy into creative energy. The idea has fascinated her big time and she has also started doing yoga to keep her mind calm.

However, the change is not sudden or self-initiated.

It is the result of the 42-year-old actress following a guru who teaches about the distractions caused by sex. So, has the sexy actress turned into something quite different? The answer is no, as insiders say that she is very much sexy even now but she has stopped identifying herself with her sexuality and it has helped her become more composed.