“Blue Bloods” Season 8 is on the way and the Reagan family will once again take its viewers to another set of intense adventure in the justice system of New York City. However, as the show has been airing since 2010, there are now emerging questions if this will be its final season.

With more than 150 episodes and contracts signed, some of its cast might have been looking forward to moving on and do other stuff. But, there are still a lot of reasons why the police procedural drama series should stay on CBS.

Possible plotlines before the show officially end

Officer Edit Jenko (Vanessa Ray) is set to return in “Blue Bloods” Season 8. With that, a lot of fans are expecting that a wedding is about to commence. With her imminent reunion with Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), seeing the two get wedded might give the show a chance to have another new season.

According to Cartermatt, it might be impossible to replace Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) as the much-loved Commissioner, but he could possibly have a successor. If the television series is really set to end this season, writers of the show should now start looking for a perfect fit to take the place of the police officer in the NYPD.

However, it is not yet sure if the show will indeed end with Frank’s retirement, but it will be the perfect way to end the series.

It has been said that his son Jamie will be his perfect heir as he is serving the institution for a long while on the streets.

Although they will not end up romantically, Erin Reagan-Boyle (Bridget Moynahan) and Frank might find something else that they will make them happy respectively. This might be outside of their own works or to get along in another two or three seasons before the show officially ends.

A promise of the show’s continuation

Moreover, the show’s showrunner Kevin Wade seems to contradict the rumors that “Blue Bloods” Season 8 will be the swan song of the regal drama. In fact, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed his hopes for the upcoming season and the future chapters that are about to come.

He promised that he will stick to the show’s original concept that has been loved by a lot of people for over seven years. This will involve building new stories with the help of their writers’ in-depth research instead of just copying the usual scenarios that can be seen often in the headlines.

Sticking to its usual fall schedule, CBS is about to drop the first episode of “Blue Bloods” Season 8 on Sept. 29.