Black MirrorSeason 4 is about to return to Netflix and viewers are craving to see another take on the fan-favorite episode San Junipero from the previous season. In fact, some are asking if there will be a sequel to this chapter.

The 1980s-set episode was praised by fans and critics alike for being very nostalgic. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the television show’s creator Charlie Brooker and executive producer Anabel Jones talked about the possibilities of a follow-up to the favorite episode.

The possibility of a sequel

“We’ve thought about it,” Charlie Brooker told the Hollywood Reporter about a“San Junipero” sequel.

In fact, the show’s creator revealed that he already took some aspects of the story’s features. This included the scene where Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was inside a kindergarten room surrounded by children, but these kids were eventually revealed to be dead. He said that it was very emotional and moving to hit in that story, but he was thinking how it would feel like if it was a whole world.

He said that it was very emotional and moving to hit on that in the story, but he was about thinking how it would feel if it was the whole world.

Charlie Brooker revealed that they might do it in a “completely different form,” if they were doing a straight sequel to it. “Maybe not even as a normal episode,” he teased.

In fact, he admitted that they actually liked to include some Easter eggs in other episodes every now and then, referring to “San Junipero.”

The series’ connection

According to Flickering Myth, “Black Mirror” is considered to be the new generation’s “Twilight Zone.”

The two television shows’ themes are somehow alike. There is always a twist at the end of the episode and the characters learn hard things which are sometimes appalling lessons.

Their format, too, is similar. Although their stories are very different, Charlie Brooker revealed that it may be actually be set in the same universe.

The 46-year-old satirist told THR his answer to the programs' similarities has changed over the course of time. He continued by saying that it used to be just fun for him, but they have to do things that actually refer to other episodes at times.

He even said that it is 'canonical' when a character says something that is actually referring to something else.

Charlie Brooker further said that both series follow the same dream universe. He revealed that there was even a line in season 3’s “Hated in the Nation” that referred to a crime that happened in season 2’s “White Bear.”