There are very few shows out there that can truly claim to be different, but “Black Mirror” can stake that claim without thinking twice. The British anthology series that recently found a home on Netflix during Season 3 is clearly one of the best things on television over the past decade, and it has only gotten bigger and better as time has gone by. After roping in some A-list actors and directors during Season 3, it seems a couple of big names will be joining the series for Season 4.

A quick recap

If you are a fan of television shows and you have never watched “Black Mirror," then you have truly missed out on something special.

The series is an anthology, meaning every episode is entirely independent, with a brand new cast, crew, and story line. The central theme connecting the series is technology and our twisted relationship with it.

The series was created by Charlie Broker, and provides a dark, yet realistic take on the nature of technology and the way it has influenced our society in recent decades. It doesn’t hesitate to peer into the future as well, and brings us some quality sci-fi episodes that also explore similar themes. The show was a huge hit in Britain, which is why Netflix decided to bring it down to America by signing it on for two seasons.

The big additions

Black Mirror” has already included episodes with brilliant actors such as Jon Hamm, Toby Kebbel, Rory Kinnear, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

It appears that Season 4 will include an episode with the talented and stunning Jodie Foster who will be the latest addition to the cast.

Creator Charlie Broker told The Telegraph recently about signing on the legendary actress: “Netflix got in touch with her. She’s done episodes of Orange Is The New Black before, and they spoke to her and sent her our script, and within a week of that we were were Skyping.

It was a bit odd, to be Skyping with Jodie Foster – but I did a good job of hiding my delight.”

The series has also signed on John Hillcoat to direct an episode during Season 4, and this is a superb move considering the natural tone Hillcoat uses for his movies. His dark and brooding style makes for a great match with the current direction of the series, and this is clear when you watch some of his previous films such as “Triple 9," “The Road,” or “The Proposition."

Black Mirror” continues to make all the right moves going forward, and there is no doubt that fans have even more reasons now to be excited about the upcoming season on Netflix.