After the news broke that Health and Human Services Secretary tom price used more than $1 million of taxpayer money to fly on private and military planes, he was forced to resign from his position in the White House. Not long after the story broke, critics of the administration lashed out on social media.

Price, out

When Donald Trump pulled off the monumental upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, it didn't take long for the new president to put together his cabinet and administration. In the roll of secretary for the Health and Human Services department, Trump tapped former Georgia Rep.

Tom Price to do the job. During this time, the former host of "The Apprentice" came under fire due to several of his nominees, though Price was able to bypass most of the heavy media criticism and was confirmed in the Senate on February 10 in a mostly partisan vote. Fast forward to earlier this week when Politico broke a bombshell story that accused Price of using over $1 million in taxpayer funds for his use of private planes where the destinations were easily accessible by automobile. Once the story gained traction, Price vowed to pay back the money he used so that the taxpayer's wouldn't be on the hook, but pressure mounted as he handed in his resignation on September 29, according to NBC News.

On Friday afternoon, Tom Price offered his resignation, which was quickly accepted by Donald Trump. According to an earlier report by Axios, Trump's relationship with his Health and Human Services Secretary wasn't too positive, as the president reportedly was "enjoying torturing" him in recent weeks.

Twitter reacts

After the news broke that Tom Price was out of the White House, those who oppose the president wasted no time in sounding off. 'Boom. Good bye. Guess the 'Price' was not 'right' for any of us," actor George Takei tweeted out.

"The worst part of Tom Price resigning as HHS Secretary is that now the rest of us have to fly commercial with him," comedian John Fugelsang posted.

"(TP) is leaving on a jet plane, hopefully never to come back again," Eugene Gu added.

"Tom Price resigns because he got busted wasting tax payer $ on himself. Meanwhile....Trump is spending another weekend @ his golf club," another tweet read.

"So glad Tom Price is gone. Another hypocrite who sold himself as being fiscally conservative perhaps with his money. Not taxpayers," an additional post noted. As the backlash continued, it appeared that many Americans who have opposed Donald Trump were pleased with Price's exit.