Haters of the international pop singer Taylor Swift went mad on social media, just a few moments after she released her new music video, “Look What You Made Me Do.” They claimed that Swift ripped off some of Beyonce’s visuals in her previous projects.

Swift’s newest single from her album “Reputation” was released last Thursday, but the actual music video debuted during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. The video has already earned more than six million views on YouTube, just a few hours after it was posted.

However, many viewers of the video were unhappy about how it turned out.

They claimed that some of the parts of “Look What You Made Me Do” were taken from Beyonce’s Lemonade track, “Sorry.”

In the “Sorry” video, Beyonce and Serena Williams were shown dancing inside a luxurious Louisiana plantation while dressed up in black leotards. The former Destiny’s Child member also completed the act with a group of backup dancers during her Super Bowl 50 performance of “Formation,” People reported.

Meanwhile, the new video of Swift also showed her dressed in black leotards with fishnet leggings, in the middle of a group of male dancers. While it was not performed inside a Louisiana plantation like the “Sorry” singer did, it was reportedly set in an ornate ballroom, People added.

Fans react

Fans, mostly coming from Beyonce’s camp, reacted on the newly-released video. One Twitter user posted, “The song is a poor man’s Britney, the video is a poor man’s Beyonce. Taylor Swift wants to be anyone but Taylor Swift.”

Another fan also tweeted criticisms, while posting a side-by-side photo of the alleged rip-off act on Swift’s new video with a performance photo by the other female singer.

There were also tweets that read, “Taylor wanna be Beyonce so bad.”

On the other hand, many came to the defense of the country pop singer. One of them was her longtime video director and producer, Joseph Kahn.

Kahn tweeted that he had worked with the “Formation” singer for a couple of times, and noted that she is an amazing person.

However, he argued that her videos and “Look What You Made Me Do” are two different art spaces, US Weekly reported.

The “Swifties,” or how the avid fans call themselves, also came to her defense. They argued that some people are just simply looking for drama.

The launch

Taylor Swift chose to release the much-awaited music video for her newest single at the 2017 MTV VMAs. Though she did not make an appearance on the show, the singer has received an overwhelming reception from her co-artists, the viewers, and her fans.