Beyonce recently released a new book titled “How To Make Lemonade” that has photos of her family, as well as behind-the-scenes photos from her music videos. It is a hardcover book that compiles the most unforgettable moments from the making of “Lemonade.” The book is part of the “How To Make Lemonadebox set. According to the official website, it gives a comprehensive view of Beyonce and the making of the award-winning film. The set contains the limited edition hardcover book, an audio-visual downloadable album, and a double vinyl LP.

“It shows the inspiration and themes behind some of the production’s most provocative and enigmatic scenes,” the official website said.

The Coffee Table book contains more than 600 pages of text and photo content. Fans and interested buyers can purchase the “How To Make Lemonade” book starting this week.


According to Billboard, the limited edition book tells the story behind "Lemonade," the title of Beyonce's award-winning visual album. The book takes readers on a behind-the-scenes journey of when some of her music videos such as “Sorry” and “Formation” were being produced. It also provides a closer look at her family, with her husband Jay-Z and daughter blue ivy. The Coffee Table book also contains the lyrics of her songs, as well as essays that Beyonce personally wrote. There are images of her essays with her handwriting.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson wrote the foreword. It also includes a poem written by Warsaw Shire.

Vinyl track listing

"How To Make Lemonade" is part of the box set, a limited edition collector's item that is sold for $299.99. Fans of the international singer can start ordering the set, which will then be shipped to their addresses.

Each set contains the track listing that the double LP vinyl offers, along with the book.

On the vinyl's Side A are the songs “Pray You Catch Me,” “Hold Up,” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” Side B has the songs “Sorry,” “6 Inch,” and “Daddy Lessons.” The rest of the songs on Side C and Side D include “Love Drought,” “Sandcastles,” “Forward,” “Freedom,” and “Formation.”

The cover image of the double LP vinyl shows an artistic photograph of Beyonce wearing a headpiece, and is taken from a dramatic angle.

Meanwhile, the back cover shows her face hidden by what seems to be a fabric made of thick fur. "Lemonade" is her sixth studio album and it was released in April of 2016.

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