After a long and difficult negotiation, it is confirmed that “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins will be directing the sequel of the superhero movie. The sequel of “Wonder Woman” is scheduled to release in theaters on December 13, 2019. Warner Bros. has once again turned to Jenkins to co-write, produce, as well as direct the movie. Apart from Jenkins donning the director’s hat once more, Gal Gadot, who reprised the role of “Wonder Woman,” will be returning to play the superhero.

Jenkins to direct ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Released in summer 2017, the movie went on to gross more than $800 million in the global box office, making it the highest grossing film ever directed by a woman.

Publication Variety reports that Jenkins has already started working on the script of the sequel in tandem with Jon Berg from Warner Bros. and Geoff Johns, who is in charge of the DC film universe. Johns stated that all three of them are involved in writing the script, aiming to deliver another great sequel to the “Wonder Woman” franchise.

Rumors are rife that Jenkins has been paid a whopping $8 million to direct, write, and produce the sequel. If this is true, then she will become the highest paid female director of all time. However, a source familiar with the matter states that though Jenkins will be setting a precedent, reaching this point was a difficult journey.

Interestingly, Patty was not the first choice for directing the first movie.

She stepped in as a replacement for Michelle McLaren who left the project due to creative differences. However, Jenkins turned her fortune around and became the face of the movie along with Gal Gadot when the film was released in June.

At the time, Patty had only one movie deal with the Warner Bros. With the massive success of “Wonder Woman,” she became indispensable and the production house started talks of bringing her back as the director for the next movie as well.

However, the talks were long drawn even when the film was a runaway hit at the global box office.

‘Wonder Woman’ sales figures at global box office

The movie was released in June and went on to garner $402 million from the domestic market and $813 million from the international market. This is the fourth superhero movie from the DC Extended Universe.

The first was “Man of Steel” which released in 2013 and ended up notching $116.6 million. The movie was followed by “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” with “Wonder Woman” being the fourth.