After revealing a cliffhanging finale, it is no surprise that Better call saul is renewed for a fourth season. With the alleged death of Chuck McGill (Michael McKean), this event is said to be what ignites Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) to become the famous Breaking Bad lawyer, Saul Goodman.

“A much of sustained imaginative and daring choices proved out to be fruitful,” president of AMC Charlie Collier said about the renewal. With the addition of great artists, finely sharp roles, and breathtaking sequences, fans are surely up for another epic journey of Jimmy’s life in “Better Call Saul” Season 4.

Chuck’s death and the spinoff’s ending

In an interview with Deadline, the television show’s co-creator Peter Gould confirmed that Chuck died in the previous season.

The television writer explained that they are avoiding to trick their viewers with what is really happening in the series. “‘You thought it was this, but it’s now that,'” he said. So, they decided to continue what they have been doing and not to face any consequences from the fans by changing Chuck's real fate.

On the other hand, Den of Geek interviewed co-creator Vince Gilligan about “Better Call Saul” stays on the air. The 50-year-old producer revealed that they can’t confirm how long the spinoff will run yet. However, just by watching the show, fans can notice that its story is just limited.

Also, its narrative has to touch up to the beginning of “Breaking Bad.” So, once it gets there, it has to be finished.

A whole new story to tell

But, Gilligan teased that “Better Call Saul” has something that “Breaking Bad” doesn’t have.

That is to tell a whole new story through the utmost beginnings of the post-“Breaking Bad” world.

In fact, he revealed that they had put it at the start of each season.

He went on to say that although there is a specific end in the “BrBa” story, it looks like they could still produce more narratives in the post-“BrBa” world. He is even fascinated to know that they will be able to do that as being one of the television show’s first fans.

However, Gilligan cleared that he does not yet promise anything to come, but only the possibilities of what they can do.

The television show’s possible release

“Better Call Saul” Season 4 is said to be consist of 10 episodes. However, it will be revealed later than usual.

The television show’s first two seasons were both released in February while its third chapter was unveiled in April. So, its fourth installment could air in the second half of 2018, probably September.